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Target Ratcheting and Retention Concerns in Financially Distressed Firms (2020-2022) (Details)
Contract design and collaborative creativity in R&D partnerships (2019-2023) (Details)
The role of corporate culture for audit quality (2018-2021) (Details)
The loss of talent: A threat for audit quality? (2016-2021) (Details)
Creativity Meets Performance (2014-2017) (Details)
The measurement of corporate governance in a two-tier system (Details)
Performance Management in crisis times (2010-2011) (Details)
Management control systems as packages (Details)
Management Control in Small and Medium Enterprises (2009-2010) (Details)
Impact of the economic crisis on management control systeme (2009-2010) (Details)
Strategic Performance Management (2008-2009) (Details)
Strategic Management (2008-2008) (Details)
Value creating growth (2007-2008) (Details)
Culture and its Impact on the Design of Management Control Systems in Headquarter - Subsidaries Relations. (Details)
Human Resource Accounting (2006-2007) (Details)
Customer-oriented Valuemanagement (2006-2006) (Details)
Materializing Knowledge: Knowledge Management as sucess driver in future at Böhler-Uddeholm (2005-2006) (Details)
Innovation leadership: With New Ideas to Growth and Success (2005-2005) (Details)
Strategic corporate planning: A forecasting model in production control (2004-2005) (Details)
Implementation of a Balanced Scorecard (2004-2005) (Details)
Recruiting for CEE (2004-2004) (Details)
The Measurement of the Innovativeness and Performance of Companies (2004-2004) (Details)
Value Creating Networks - The Future Form of Organization? (2004-2004) (Details)
How to Win The Race - Top Management Consulting in Austria (2004-2004) (Details)
Value Creation in CEE (2004-2004) (Details)
An Outlook on International Financial Reporting - Chances and Challenges for Telekom Austria AG (2004-2004) (Details)
Performance Management in the Customer Oriented Organization - In Cooperation with mobilkom austria (2003-2004) (Details)
Project Report of Meisterklasse Osteuropa 2003/2004: Powers Reserved in CEE (2003-2004) (Details)
Stakeholder Relations as Ressources of Competitive Advantage (2003-2003) (Details)
Intellectual Capital at Telekom Austria AG - Search for IC and Up Date of Performance Management and Reporting Systems (2003-2003) (Details)
Strategic Management of Intellectual Capital (2003-2003) (Details)
The Transformation Challenge (2003-2003) (Details)
Performance Measurement und Management in SME (2002-2003) (Details)
Project Report of Meisterklasse Osteuropa 2002/2003: Corporate Governance in CEE (2002-2003) (Details)
Immaterielle Vermögenswerte und Wissensbilanzierung (2002-2003) (Details)
The costs of being public (2002-2002) (Details)
Intangibles (2002-2002) (Details)
Balanced Scorecard - Analyse und Weiterentwicklung der Balanced Scorecard für das Performance Management auf Gesamtorganisations- und Bereichsebene bei den Johannitern Österreich (2001-2002) (Details)
Knowledge management in nonprofit organizations - Knowledge transfer and organizational learning for the union ÖGB (2001-2002) (Details)
Performance management at Austrian Airlines (AUA) (2001-2002) (Details)
BSC update at AXA Nordstern Colonia (2001-2001) (Details)
Integration management - Strategies and paths towards one organization (2001-2001) (Details)
Controlling portal (2001-2001) (Details)
Management control in Internet companies (2001-2002) (Details)
Bricks & Clicks - Kombinierte Marketing- und Vertriebsstrategien für produzierende Unternehmen (2000-2001) (Details)
Strategy in action - the balanced scorecard at Philips Austria (2000-2001) (Details)
Sound and profitable growth - a leadership dynamic approch (2000-2000) (Details)
Entrepreneurial growth II (2000-2000) (Details)
Entrepreneurial growth (1999-2000) (Details)
Strategic implementation at the Vienna University of Economics and Business Administration: First steps towards a balanced scorecard in the field of training and education (1999-2000) (Details)
Rating models für small and medium sized companies (1999-2000) (Details)
W@W - Konzept für das Weiterbildungszentrum der Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien (1999-1999) (Details)
Top-management consulting in Austria seen by clients (1998-1998) (Details)
Controlling in times of fast and deep change (1998-1998) (Details)
From ROI to the balanced scorecard - Performance measurement systems to manage companies (1998-1998) (Details)
Is cost accounting still up to date? (1998-1998) (Details)
Market entry strategies and barriers in Central and Eastern Europe from the point of view of controlling (1997-1998) (Details)
Environmental Management - Strengths and weaknesses (1997-1998) (Details)
Shareholder Value vs. Stakeholder Value? (1997-1997) (Details)
The learning organization (1996-1996) (Details)
Quality in Education (1995-1996) (Details)
Corporate agility (1995-1998) (Details)