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Ursula Haas-Kotzegger

Dr.rer.soc.oec. Ursula Haas-Kotzegger
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Journal article

2013 Haas-Kotzegger, Ursula, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B. 2013. Conceptualizing Consumers’ Experiences of Product-Harm Crisis. Journal of Consumer Marketing, 30 (2), 112-120. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2012 Haas-Kotzegger, Ursula, Assiouras, I., Schlegelmilch, Bodo B., Skourtis, G.. 2012. Evaluations in Product-harm Crisis Situations. In CD proceedings of the Annual Conference of the Academy of Marketing Science, Hrsg. AMS, May 24-May 27. New Orleans, LA, USA: (Details)
  Haas-Kotzegger, Ursula, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B.. 2012. Conceptualizing Consumers' Experiences of Product-Harm Crises. In Proceedings of the 41st European Marketing Academy, Hrsg. EMAC, ---. Portugal: (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2012 Haas-Kotzegger, Ursula, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B.. 2012. Conceptualizing Consumer's experiences of Product-harm Crises. 41st Annual Conference European Marketing Academy, Lisbon, Portugal, 22.05.-25.05.2012. (Details)
2011 Haas-Kotzegger, Ursula, I., Assiouras, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B., G., Skourtis. 2011. Consumer Response to Product-harm Crises: The Role of Product Knowledge and MEssage Involvement. Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy Conference (ANZMAC), Perth, Australien, 28.11.-30.11. (Details)
  Haas-Kotzegger, Ursula, Schlegelmilch, Bodo B.. 2011. There is a Bad and There is a Worse: A Comparison of Consumer Reactions to Product-Harm Crises and Brand Crises. Academy of Marketing Science World Marketing Congress, Reims, Frankreich, 19.07.-23.07.. (Details)


The effect of product-harm crisis on purchase intent (Details)