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Birgit Fordinal

Mag.Dr. Birgit Fordinal MSc.
+43 1 31336 6832
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  • 5930 Cultural anthropology (Details)
  • 5945 Organisational development (Details)


  • vision development
  • knowledge-based management


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Journal article

2010 Kaiser, Alexander, Fordinal, Birgit. 2010. Creating a ba for generating self-transcending knowledge. Journal of Knowledge Management. 14 (6), 928-942. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2014 Kaiser, Alexander, Fordinal, Birgit, Kragulj, Florian. 2014. Creation of Need Knowledge in Organizations: An Abductive Framework. In Proceedings of the Forty-Seventh Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Hrsg. Ralph H. Sprague, Jr. 3499-3508. Washington: IEEE Computer Society Press. (Details)
2013 Kaiser, Alexander, Feldhusen, Birgit, Fordinal, Birgit. 2013. Vision development as a knowledge creating process. In Proceedings of the Forty-Sixth AnnualHawaii International Conference onSystem Sciences, Hrsg. Ralph H. Sprague, Jr. 3593-3602. Wailea: IEEE Computer Society Press. (Details)
2010 Kaiser, Alexander, Fordinal, Birgit. 2010. VIKOBAMA - introducing a new approach of a knowledge-based vision development process. In Proceedings of the ECKM-2010, Hrsg. Eduardo Tomè, 520-529. Famalicao: None. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2012 Fordinal, Birgit. 2012 Geistesblitz, Forschungs-Muse und Bauchgefühl. Intuition und andere Formen des (nicht-expliziten) Wissens im Forschungsprozess. Tage der KSA 2012, Wien, Österreich, 24.05.-25.05. (Details)

Diploma thesis

2003 Fordinal, Birgit. 2003. Kahuna lapa'au - Medizinische ExpertInnen auf Hawaii. Diplomarbeit, Universität Wien. (Details)


2007 Fordinal, Birgit. 2007 Berufungscoaching im Visionsentwicklungsprozess. Eine Untersuchung der Methode im Kontext einer sinn- und werteorientierten Personal- und Organisationsentwicklung. Master Thesis. (Details)


Learning from the future (Details)
knowledge-based vision development in a regional context in St.Andrä/Wördern (Details)
Knowledge-Based Management (2009-2023) (Details)