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Christian Rammel

Dr.rer.nat. Christian Rammel
+43 1 31336 5762
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since 2018
CEO Hopeful Monster Academy
director of the Start-up Academy Playground Sachsenplatz
since 2010
Head of the RCE Vienna at the WU Wien
Managing Director HYDRIP GmbH
Austrian representative at the United Nations Commission on Europe (UNECE) expert committee on indicators and assessment for education for sustainable development (ESD)
Member of the „Board of Directors“ der European Society of Ecological Economics
Lecturer at the University of Vienna

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  • 1426 Evolution (Details)
  • 5368 Sustainable development, sustainable economics (Details)
  • 5803 Educational research (Details)
  • 5924 Environmental economics (Details)


  • Education for Sustainable Development
  • Evolutionary Theory
  • Sustainability Research
  • Sustainabilty-driven start-ups
  • Resilience
  • SDGs oriented impact assessment


Member of the editorial board
  since 2019 Open Access Journal Sustainability - Member of the editorial board of "Sustainabilty"


Journal article

2021 Rammel, Christian, Vettori, Oliver. 2021. Dealing with the Intangible: Using the Analytical Lens of Hidden Curricula for a Transformative Paradigm of Sustainable Higher Education. Journal of Education for Sustainable Development. 15 (2), 234-249. (Details)
2020 Rammel, Christian, Mader, Clemens. 2020. Special Issue: The future of education for sustainable development – Between the power of technology and the need for responsible citizenship. Sustainability. open access (Details)
2017 Biberhofer, Petra, Rammel, Christian. 2017. Transdisciplinary learning and teaching as answers to urban sustainability challenges. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 18 (1), 63-83. (Details)
2007 Rammel, Christian, Stagl, Sigrid, Wilfing, Harald. 2007. How to manage coevolving complex systems? – A coevolutionary perspective on natural resource management systems. Ecological Economics 63 (1): 9-21. (Details)
  Rammel, Christian, Brian, McIntosh, Paul, Jeffrey. 2007. Where to now? A critical synthesis of contemporary contributions to the application of (co)evolutionary theory and discussion of research needs. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology 14 (1): 1-8. (Details)
2005 Farrell, Karin, Kemp, Rene, Rammel, Christian, Hinterberger, Fritz. 2005. From *for* to governance for sustainable development in Europe: what is at stake for further research?. International Journal of Sustainable Development 8 (1/2): 127-150. (Details)
2004 Rammel, Christian, Staudinger, Markus. 2004. The bridge between diversity and adaptivity: answering McIntosh and Jeffrey. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology 11 (1): 9-23. (Details)
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2002 Rammel, Christian. 2002. Sir Newton, Dr. Pangloss and a world without limits – The neo-classical paradigm and sustainable development. Kurswechsel 4 24-37. (Details)
  Rammel, Christian, Staudinger, Markus . 2002. Sustainable Development, Evolution and Variability. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology 9 (4): 301-331. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2016 Gruszka, Katarzyna, Rammel, Christian. 2016. Science-Society Interfaces - Transforming Universities. In: Engaging Stakeholders in Education for Sustainable Development at University Level. Hrsg. W. Leal Filho and L. Brandli, 177-189. Switzerland: Springer. (Details)
2015 Rammel, Christian, Velazquez, Luis, Mader, Clemens. 2015. Sustainability Assessment in Higher Education Institutions: What and How?. In: The Routledge Handbook of Higher Education for Sustainable Development, Hrsg. Matthias Barth, Gerd Michelsen, Marco Rieckmann, Ian Geoffrey Thomas, 112-131. London: Routledge. (Details)
2014 Vettori, Oliver, Rammel, Christian. 2014. Linking Quality Assurance and ESD: Towards aParticipative Quality Culture of Sustainable Development in Higher Education. In: Sustainable Development and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Hrsg. Faveeda, Zinaida / Galkute, Laima / Mader, Clemens / Scott, Geoff, 49-65. Houndmills et al. Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)
  Vettori, Oliver, Rammel, Christian. 2014. Sustainable engagement: towards a participative culture of sustainable development in higher education. In: Sustainable Development and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, Hrsg. Fadeeva, Z., Galkute, L., Mader, C. and Scott, G., 49-65. New York: Palgrave McMillan. (Details)
2005 Rammel, Christian. 2005. The Paradox of Sustainable development. In: Sustainable Development: New Research, Hrsg. Maples, A, 1-30. New York: Nova Scientific Publishers. (Details)

Edited book (editorship)

2007 Rammel, Christian, Brian, McIntosh, Paul, Jeffrey, Hrsg. 2007. Co)evolutionary approaches to sustainable development – Special issue. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology, Vol. 14/1. Abingdon: Taylor & Francis. (Details)
2002 Rammel, Christian, Hrsg. 2002. Nachhaltigkeit – Zwischen Vereinnahmung und Alternative Sonderband im Kurswechsel, Vol.4. Wien: -. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2016 Biberhofer, Petra, Rammel, Christian. 2016. Universitäten als Ausbildungsstätten für nachhaltige Unternehmen. Wachstum im Wandel Konferenz, Wien, Österreich, 22.2.-24.2. (Details)

Poster presented at an academic conference or symposium

2015 Soder, Michael, Rammel, Christian. 2015. Economy and Environment: The board and role playing game. Developments in Economics Education, Birmingham, Großbritannien, 10.09-11.09. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2016 Bernhardt, Johanna and Lindtner, Claudia and Elsen, Susanne and Biberhofer, Petra and Rammel, Christian and Schmelz, Daniel and Rieckmann, Marco and Bockwoldt, Lisa and Ambros, Michael and Cincera, Jan and Orsáková, Petra and Cerný, Martin and Boman, Johan. 2016. CASE Needs Analysis. Summary. Findings on Competencies for Sustainability-driven Entrepreneurship. Vienna:Vienna University of Economics and Business. (Details)

eJournal article

2005 Kastenhofer, Karen, Rammel, Christian. 2005. Obstacles to and potentials of the societal implementation of sustainable development: a comparative analysis of two case studies. Sustainability: Science, Practice & Policy http://ejournal.nbii.org/. (Details)


SDG's Lab (2019-2021) (Details)
BUILD - Building Urban Intelligent Living Design (2018-2022) (Details)
Sharing Cities (2016-2017) (Details)
RC4E (2016-2016) (Details)
CERIecon - CENTRAL EUROPE Regional Innovation Ecosystems Network (2016-2019) (Details)
SEAF - Smart Energy against Fuel Poverty (2016-2017) (Details)
Impact Investment Bewertungsmatrix (2016-2017) (Details)
Competencies for a sustainable Socio Economic development (2015-2018) (Details)
Case - Competencies for a sustainable socio-economical development (2015-2017) (Details)
SHARE VIENNA (2014-2015) (Details)
ALTECS - „Knowledge exchange in the framework of alternative economic systems for the promotion of sustainable regional development“ (2013-2014) (Details)
Sustainability Challenge (2012-2015) (Details)
RCE Vienna - Regional Centre of Expertise on Educational for Sustainable Development (Details)