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Christoph Huber

Christoph Huber Ph.D.
+43 1 31336 6024
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Postdoc, University of Innsbruck
since 2021
Postdoc, WU Wirtschaftsuniversität Wien
PhD Candidate, University of Innsbruck

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  • 5300 Economics (Details)
  • 5322 National/Political economy (Details)
  • 5335 Political economic theory (Details)
  • 5361 Financial management (Details)


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Journal article

2021 Huber, Christoph, Huber, Jürgen, Kirchler, Michael. 2021. Market Shocks and Professionals’ Investment Behavior – Evidence from the COVID-19 Crash. Journal of Banking & Finance. 106247 open access (Details)
2020 Huber, Christoph, Huber, Jürgen. 2020. Bad bankers no more? Truth-telling and (dis)honesty in the finance industry. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. 180 472-493. open access (Details)
  Weitzel, Utz, Huber, Christoph, Huber, Jürgen, Kirchler, Michael, Lindner, Florian, Rose, Julia. 2020. Bubbles and Financial Professionals. Review of Financial Studies. 33 2659-2696. open access (Details)
2019 Huber, Christoph, Bindra, Parampreet Christopher, Kleinlercher, Daniel. 2019. Design-features of bubble-prone experimental asset markets with a constant FV. Journal of the Economic Science Association. 5 197-209. open access (Details)
  Huber, Christoph. 2019. oTree: The bubble game. Journal of Behavioral and Experimental Finance. 22 3-6. (Details)
  Huber, Christoph, Huber, Jürgen. 2019. Scale matters: risk perception, return expectations, and investment propensity under different scalings. Experimental Economics. 22 76-100. open access (Details)
  Huber, Christoph, Huber, Jürgen, Hueber, Laura. 2019. The effect of experts’ and laypeople’s forecasts on others’ stock market forecasts. Journal of Banking & Finance. 109 105662 (Details)


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