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Sonja Sperber

Dr.rer.pol. Sonja Sperber
+43 1 31336 6186
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Book (monograph)

2016 Sperber, Sonja. 2016. The Influence of Top Managers on Innovations: An Analysis within the Fashion and Lifestyle Industry. Bamberg: University of Bamberg Press. (Details)

Journal article

2022 Sperber, Sonja, Linder, Christian. 2022. Gender Bias in IT Entrepreneurship: The Self-Referential Role of Male Overrepresentation in Digital Businesses. European Journal of Information Systems (EJIS). open access (Details)
2021 Sperber, Sonja. 2021. Invisible Women: Exposing Data Bias in a World Designed for Men. Gender, Work & Organization. 28 (5), 1985-1989. (Details)
  Linder, Christian, Sperber, Sonja. 2021. Why startup support strategies cannot be gender-blind. LSE - London School of Economics Business Review. open access (Details)
2020 Linder, Christian, Sperber, Sonja. 2020. "Mirror, mirror, on the wall - Who is the greatest investor of all?" Effects of better-than-average beliefs on venture funding. European Management Review (EMR). 17 (2), 407-426. (Details)
  Fliaster, Alexander, Sperber, Sonja. 2020. Knowledge acquisition for innovation: Networks of European top managers in the fashion industry. European Management Review (EMR). 17 (2), 467-483. open access (Details)
2019 Linder, Christian, Sperber, Sonja. 2019. Towards a deeper understanding of the emergence of process innovations: Which role do inter-organisational learning and internal knowledge exploitation play? Journal of Engineering and Technology Management. 53 (1), 33-48. (Details)
2018 Sperber, Sonja, Linder, Christian. 2018. Gender-specifics in start-up strategies and the role of the entrepreneurial ecosystem. Small Business Economics. 53 (2), 533-546. (Details)
  Sperber, Sonja, Beyerhaus, Christiane. 2018. Steigerung der Markenbekanntheit durch Social Media-Marketing - Ein Fallbeispiel. Marketing Review St. Gallen. 35 (6), 68-75. (Details)
  Sperber, Sonja, Linder, Christian. 2018. The impact of top management teams on firm innovativeness: A configurational analysis of demographic characteristics, leadership style and team power distribution. Review of Managerial Science. 12 (1), 285-316. (Details)
2017 Linder, Christian, Sperber, Sonja. 2017. If what you want is not what you get: A communication-based approach to top managers' intended firm creativity and employees' failure to deliver. European Management Review (EMR). 14 (3), 227-246. (Details)
  Bookhagen, Andrea, Sperber, Sonja. 2017. Kundenintegration in den Entwicklungsprozess von Produktinnovationen. AfM - PraxisWissen Marketing. 01 21-37. (Details)
  Sperber, Sonja. 2017. The top managers' impact opening the organizational culture to innovation. International Journal of Innovation Management. 21 (2), 17500141-175001442. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Sperber, Sonja. 2021. The Top Managerial Influence on Innovation: Development of a Comprehensive Framework. In: Digitalization, Digital Transformation and Sustainability in a Global Economy − Risks and Opportunities, Hrsg. T. A. Herberger, & J. Dötsch, 93-114. Cham: Springer Nature. (Details)
2018 Linder, Christian, Sperber, Sonja. 2018. Leveraging reputation for product innovation through strategic co-branding. In: Driving customer appeal through the use of emotional branding, Hrsg. R. Garg, R. Chhikara, T. K. Panda, A. Kataria, 248-261. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. (Details)
2016 Sperber, Sonja. 2016. The luxury market in the fashion industry: A conceptual segmentation. In: Handbook of Research on Global Fashion Management and Merchandising, Hrsg. A. Vecchi, C. Buckley, 156-185. Hershey, PA: IGI Global. (Details)

Case study

2013 Heine, Klaus, Nobbs, Karinna, Sperber, Sonja. 2013. Creating and developing luxury brands in China. ECCH. (Details)


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