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Margeret Hall

Dr.rer.pol. Margeret Hall
+43 1 31336 6164
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since 2020
Assistant Professor of Strategic Business Analytics
since 2016
Assistant Professor of IT Innovation, University of Nebraska at Omaha
Senior Researcher and Head of Research Group ‘Participation and Crowd Services’, Karlsruhe Service Research Institute

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Awards and Honors

Best Paper Award, HCII 2021, Digital Human Modelling and Applications Track
Best Paper Nominee, HICSS Crowd Science Minitrack
Best Paper Award, Internet, Policy, and Politics 2014: Crowdsourcing for Politics and Policy, Oxford Internet Institute


  • 1127 Information science (Details)


  • Computer-mediated Communication
  • Dark Side of the Internet
  • Image Analysis
  • Social Computing
  • Text and Sentiment Analysis


Reviewer for scientific organization
  2020 National Science Foundation - Panel Review Member
  2020 Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft - Ad-hoc Reviewer
Member of the editorial board
  since 2016 International Journal of Human-Computer Interaction
Supervisor dissertation
  since 2017 Chad Crowe, University of Nebraska at Omaha


Journal article

2021 Harold, Jason, Bertsch, Valentin, Lawrence, Thomas, Hall, Margeret. 2021. Drivers of people's preferences for spatial proximity to energy infrastructure technologies: a cross-country analysis. Energy Journal. 42 (4) (Details)
2020 Sharpton, Tara, Lawrence, Thomas, Hall, Margeret. 2020. Drivers and barriers to public acceptance of future energy sources and grid expansion in the United States. Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews. 126 (Details)
  Hashemi, Mahdi, Hall, Margeret. 2020. Multi-label classification and knowledge extraction from oncology-related content on online social networks. Artificial Intelligence Review. 53 5957-5994. (Details)
2019 Logan, Michael, Hall, Margeret. 2019. Comparing crime types: a linguistic analysis of communiqués associated with the animal and earth liberation movement. Dynamics of Asymmetric Conflict. 12 164-181. (Details)
  Hashemi, Mahdi, Hall, Margeret. 2019. Detecting and classifying online dark visual propaganda. Image and Vision Computing. 89 95-105. (Details)
  Hall, Margeret, Logan, Michael, Ligon, Gina, Derrick, Doug. 2019. Do Machines Replicate Humans? Toward a Unified Understanding of Radicalizing Content on the Open Social Web. Policy & Internet. 12 109-138. (Details)
  Haas, Christian, Hall, Margeret. 2019. Two-Sided Matching for mentor-mentee allocations—Algorithms and manipulation strategies. PLoS ONE. 14 (3), e0213323 open access (Details)
2018 Hall, Margeret, Athanasios, Mazarkitis, Chorley, Martin, Caton, Simon. 2018. Editorial of the Special Issue on Following User Pathways: Key Contributions and Future Directions in Cross-Platform Social Media Research. International Journal of Human–Computer Interaction. 34 895-912. (Details)
  Haas, Christian, Hall, Margeret, Vlasnik, Sandy. 2018. Finding optimal mentor-mentee matches: A case study in applied two-sided matching. Heliyon. 4 open access (Details)
  Niemeyer, Claudia, Hall, Margeret, Teubner, Timm, Weinhardt, Christof. 2018. The Impact of Dynamic Feedback and Personal Budgets on Arousal and Funding Behaviour in Participatory Budgeting. Group Decision and Negotiation. 27 611-636. (Details)
  Zhang, Ling, Hall, Margeret, Bastola, Dhundy. 2018. Utilizing Twitter Data for Analysis of Chemotherapy. International Journal of Medical Informatics. (Details)
  Hashemi, Mahdi, Hall, Margeret. 2018. Visualization, Feature Selection, Deep Learning: Identifying The Responsible Group for Extreme Acts of Violence. IEEE Access. open access (Details)
2017 Hall, Margeret, Caton, Simon. 2017. Am I who I say I am? Unobtrusive self-representation and personality recognition on Facebook. PLOS ONE. 12 open access (Details)
2016 Bertsch, Valentin, Hall, Margeret, Weinhardt, Christof, Fitchner, Wolf. 2016. Public acceptance and preferences related to renewable energy and grid expansion policy: Empirical insights for Germany. Energy. 114 (1), 465-477. (Details)
2015 Böcking, Benedikt, Hall, Margeret, Schneider, Jeff. 2015. Event Prediction with Learning Algorithms - A Study of Events Surrounding the Egyptian Revolution of 2011 on the Basis of Micro Blog Data. Policy & Internet. 7 (2) (Details)
  Caton, Simon, Hall, Margeret, Weinhardt, Christof. 2015. How do politicians use Facebook? An applied Social Observatory. Big Data & Society. 2 open access (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Hall, Margeret, Haas, Christian, Schacht, Johanna, Kimbrough, Steven O. 2021. The Socialoid: A Computational Model of a City. In: Market Engineering Insights from Two Decades of Research on Markets and Information, Hrsg. Henner Gimpel et al. 199-219. Basel: Springer International Publishing. open access (Details)
2017 Lisson, Christopher, Hall, Margeret, Michalk, Wibke, Weinhardt, Christof. 2017. What Drives the Usage of Intelligent Traveler Information Systems? In: Disrupting Mobility, Hrsg. Gereon Meyer, Susan Shaheen, 89-104. Luxemburg: Springer. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2021 Hall, Margeret, Haas, Christian. 2021. Brown Hands Aren’t Terrorists: Challenges in Image Classification of Violent Extremist Content. In Digital Human Modeling and Applications in Health, Safety, Ergonomics and Risk Management. AI, Product and Service, Hrsg. Vincent G. Duffy, 197-207. Luxemburg: Springer. open access (Details)
  Hatami, Zahra, Hall, Margeret, Thorne, Neal. 2021. Identifying Early Opinion Leaders on COVID-19 on Twitter. In HCI International 2021 - Late Breaking Papers: Design and User Experience, Hrsg. Constantine Stephanidis et al. 280-297. Luxemburg: Springer. open access (Details)
  Hall, Margeret, Baysa, Kaitlyn, Snell Cantu, Matt. 2021. Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems. In Demystifying Research (Methods): Epistemological Design to Reduce Student Anxiety and Increase Content Enjoyment, Hrsg. AIS, 1-17. Austin, TX, USA: AIS Association for Information Systems. open access (Details)
2020 Madahali, Lale, Hall, Margeret. 2020. Application of the Benford’s law to Social bots and Information Operations activities. In 2020 International Conference on Cyber Situational Awareness, Data Analytics and Assessment (CyberSA), Hrsg. n/a, 1-8. Online: IEEE. (Details)
  Fruhling, Ann, Hall, Margeret, Medcalf, Sharon, Yoder, Aaron. 2020. Designing a Real-time Integrated First Responder Health and Environmental Monitoring Dashboard. In Designing for Digital Transformation. Co-Creating Services with Citizens and Industry. DESRIST 2020. Hrsg. Hofmann S., Müller O., Rossi M. 28-34. Kristianstad: None. (Details)
  Hall, Margeret, Fruhling, Ann, Haas, Christian. 2020. More Fun Than Ought to be Graded: Assuring Student Learning in Study Abroad Programs. In SIGITE 2020 - Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference on Information Technology Education, Hrsg. SIGITE 2020, 113-119. New York, NY, USA: None. (Details)
  Hall, Margeret, Goettle, April, Carson, Connor, Collicott, Jess, Dietz, Kim, Smith, Kip. 2020. Successful Undergraduate-level Experiential Learning Projects: A Stakeholder Perspective. In Proceedings of the 21st Annual Conference on Information Technology Education, Hrsg. Deepak Khazanchi et al. 106-112. New York: Association for Computing Machinery. (Details)
  Hall, Margeret, Obasi, Sharon, Bastola, Dhundy. 2020. Utilizing Oncology-Related Social Media Content to Model Information-Seeking Behaviors towards a Model of Shared Decision Making. In 2020 IEEE 33rd International Symposium on Computer-Based Medical Systems (CBMS), Hrsg. Alba García Seco de Herrera et al. 257-261. Los Alamitos: Conference Publishing Services. (Details)
2019 Afzali, Farhad Mohammad, Haas, Christian, Hall, Margeret. 2019. Differences in Emotional Reactions to Social Media Content. In Proceedings of the 10th ACM Conference on Web Science - WebSci '19, Hrsg. WebSci'19, 1-5. New York, New York, USA: None. (Details)
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2018 Ligon, Gina S, Hall, Margeret, Braun, Clara. 2018. [HTML] von nebraska.edu Digital participation roles of the global Jihad: Social media’s role in bringing together vulnerable individuals and VEO content. In International Conference on HCI in Business, Government, and Organizations, Hrsg. Fiona Fui-Hoon NahBo Sophia Xiao, 485-495. Las Vegas: None. open access (Details)
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2017 Azizian, Sasan, Rastegari, Elham, Ricks, Brian, Hall, Margeret. 2017. Identifying Personal Messages: A Step towards Product. In 2017 International Conference on Computational Science and Computational Intelligence (CSCI), Hrsg. Hamid R. Arabnia et al. 876-882. Las Vegas: None. (Details)
2016 Krause, Markus, Hall, Margeret, Williams, Joseph Jay, Partiosh, Praveen, Prpic, John, Caton, Simon. 2016. Connecting Online Work and Online Education at Scale. In CHI EA '16: Proceedings of the 2016 CHI Conference Extended Abstracts on Human Factors in Computing Systems, Hrsg. Jofish Kaye, Allison Druin, Cliff Lampe, Dan Morris, Juan Pablo Hourcade, 3536-3541. San Francisco: ACM Press. (Details)
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2015 Lindner, Andreas, Hall, Margeret, Niemeyer, Claudia, Caton, Simon. 2015. BeWell: A Sentiment Aggregator for Proactive Community Management. In CHI EA '15, Hrsg. Bo Begole, Jinwoo Kim, Kori Inkpen, Woontack Woo, 1055-1060. Seoul Republic of Korea: ACM Press. (Details)
2014 Hall, Margeret, Haas, Christian, Kimbrough, Steven O., Weinhardt, Christof. 2014. An Extended Conceptual Framework for Transformative Service Research. In AMA SERVSIG International Service Research Conference, Hrsg. Services marketing in the new economic and social landscape. 1-8. Thessaloniki, Greece: None. (Details)
2012 Hall, Margeret, Kimbrough, Steven O., Haas, Christian, Weinhardt, Christof, Caton, Simon. 2012. Towards the Gamification of Well-being Measures. In 2nd Workshop on Analyzing and Improving Collaborative eScience with Social Networks (eSon), Hrsg. eScience 2012, 1-8. Chicago, IL, USA: None. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2021 Gutschi, Dieter, Hall, Margeret, Klarner, Patricia. 2021. Identifying Curiosity in Text Data. ICIS: TREO Talks, Austin, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 12.12-15.12. (Details)
  Hall, Margeret, Pavlakis, Alexandra, Friend, Michelle. 2021. Work-Learn: Necessary and Sufficient Conditions for Upskilling Homeless Adults with Entry-level Programming and Tech Sector Skills. ICIS: TREO Talks, TX, United States/USA, 12.12.2021-15.12.2021. (Details)

eBook/chapter in eBook

2018 Hall, Margeret. 2018. A Mixed-Methods Approach to Ethical Data Extraction in Social Media Studies. SAGE Research Methods Cases Part 2. None. https://methods.sagepub.com/case/mixed-methods-approach-ethical-data-extraction-in-social-media-studies (Details)


Micro-internships at the Margins (2021-2022) (Details)
Work-Learn: Using micro-internships to leverage scalable learning for STEM workforce development among people experiencing homelessness (2021-2024) (Details)
Understanding and Limiting the Influence of Extremist Social Media Propaganda: A Multidisciplinary Approach (2020-2022) (Details)
Recommendations for Technical Exploitation for Organizational Analysis (2019-2020) (Details)
Validating Social Media Data with Patients in Cancer Decision-making Processes (2019-2020) (Details)
Innovation, Analytics, and the Role of Services in the Modern Startup Scene course development grant (2019-2019) (Details)
Operationalizing Cyber Situational Awareness Research: Capability Exploration (Unclassified Research) (2018-2019) (Details)
Emerging Foreign and Domestic Threats to Homeland Security (2018-2019) (Details)
The Emerging and State of the Art in IT Innovation course development grant (2018-2020) (Details)
(Self-) Radicalization on Online Social Media Platforms (2017-2020) (Details)