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Bernadette Hofer-Bonfim

Bernadette Hofer-Bonfim MA
+43 1 31336 5364
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since 2020
Teaching and Research Associate - Vienna University of Business and Economics
Project assistant at the International Organization for Migration (IOM - UN Migration)
Graduate Research Assistant at the University of Porto (Instituto de Literatura Comparativa Margarida Losa)
M.A. Languages and Communication at the Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia

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Awards and Honors

Nigel Holden Prize Runner-Up



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Journal article

2022 Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Barbosa Macedo, Litiane. 2022. COVID-19 and the Global Health Threat of “Vaccine Hesitancy”. Analyzing anti-vax Discourses in Brazilian Portuguese and in German on Twitter. Lingue e Linguaggi. 47 361-394. open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2022 Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette. 2022. Analyzing the “country-of-origin” effect in the communication on corporate Diversity & Inclusion (D&I). 15h GEM&L International Conference on The multiple facets of language in international organizations: New directions for research, Passau, Deutschland, 19.05-21-05. (Details)
  Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette. 2022. Difference And Normativity In Corporate Diversity And Inclusion (D&I) Discourse - A Comparison Of Corporate Diversity Metrics Across Languages. CADAAD2022 International Conference on (Critical) Discourse Analysis and the (new?) normal, Bergamo/online, Italien, 06.07-08.07. (Details)
  Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Savych, Zlatoslava, Schnitzer, Johannes. 2022. Reporting on Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) Dimensions across Languages: Comparing D&I Disclosures in German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian & Spanish. Diversity & Inclusion across Languages - Insights into communicative challenges from theory and practice, Vienna, Austria, 29.04-30.04. (Details)
  Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Schnitzer, Johannes. 2022. Representar la diversidad corporativa: un análisis de las imágenes en los informes RSC. Simposio internacional Sostenibilidad en el sector turístico: implementación y comunicación, San Sebastián, Spanien, 30.06-01.07. (Details)
2021 Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Savych, Zlatoslava, Schnitzer, Johannes. 2021. A corpus linguistic analysis of cross-cultural aspects of Diversity and Inclusion disclosure in Corporate Social Responsibility reports. 2021 PLIN Day - “Linguistics applied to Business Language in a multilingual and multicultural world”, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium, 7.05. (Details)
  Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Macedo, Litiane. 2021. A Transitivity Analysis of Covid-19 anti-vax discourses in Brazilian Portuguese and German on Twitter. Systemic Functional Linguistics Interest Group, Online, Australien, 16.11-19.11. (Details)
  Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Schnitzer, Johannes. 2021. Sexo, raza, religión en la clase de Español de los Negocios. III Jornadas de Español para Fines Específicos, Wien, Österreich, 23.04-24.04. (Details)
2020 Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette, Schnitzer, Johannes. 2020. The Construction of Corporate Diversity in Iberian and Ibero-American Countries. Intercultural Aspects in CSR Communication / Interkulturelle Aspekte in der CSR-Kommunikation / Aspectos interculturales en la comunicación de RSC, Wien, Österreich, 20.11.-21-11. (Details)

Master thesis

2018 Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette. 2018. At the roots of the #coded gaze: The construction of a Computer Science student in on-line institutional discourse. Masterarbeit, Università degli Studi di Modena e Reggio Emilia. (Details)

Bachelor thesis

2016 Hofer-Bonfim, Bernadette. 2016. Il dialetto siciliano: uso e aspetti sociolinguistici. Bachelorarbeit, Universität Wien. (Details)


Covid-19 and the global health threat of "vaccine hesitancy": Analysing #vaccine discourses in Brazilian Portuguese and in German on Twitter (2021-2022) (Details)
Diversity & Inclusion across languages Insights into communicative challenges from theory and practice (2021-2022) (Details)
Tracking (re)-interpretations of corporate Diversity & Inclusion discourses: A comparative study on the meaning(s) of D&I in the Brazilian, Italian and US American banking sector (2020-2024) (Details)