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Andreas Ekelhart

Dipl.-Ing.Dr.techn. Andreas Ekelhart
+43 1 31336 6444
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  • 1109 Information and data processing (Details)
  • 1122 Artificial intelligence (Details)
  • 1147 IT security (Details)
  • 2953 Data security and data privacy (Details)


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Journal article

2021 Ekelhart, Andreas, Kiesling, Elmar, Ekaputra, Fajar J. 2021. The SLOGERT Framework for Automated Log Knowledge Graph Construction. The Semantic Web. 12731 631-646. (Details)
2019 Kiesling, Elmar, Ekelhart, Andreas, Kurniawan, Kabul. 2019. The SEPSES Knowledge Graph: An Integrated Resource for Cybersecurity. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). 198-214. (Details)
2018 Ekelhart, Andreas, Kiesling, Elmar, Kurniawan, Kabul. 2018. Taming the logs - Vocabularies for semantic security analysis. Procedia Computer Science. 137 109-119. open access (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2020 Kurniawan, Kabul, Ekelhart, Andreas, Kiesling, Elmar. 2020. Cross-Platform File System Activity Monitoring and Forensics – A Semantic Approach. In ICT Systems Security and Privacy Protection, Hrsg. Hölbl, Marko, Rannenberg, Kai, Welzer, Tatjana, 384-397. Maribor, Slovenia: Springer International Publishing. (Details)

Poster presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Ekelhart, Andreas, Ekaputra, Fajar J., Kiesling, Elmar. 2020. Automated Knowledge Graph Construction From Raw Log Data. ISWC 2020, Athens/Online, Greece, 01.11.-06.11. (Details)


Semantic Processing of Security Event Streams (2020-2021) (Details)