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Lisa Schmidthuber

Dr.rer.soc.oec. Lisa Schmidthuber
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About me:
Lisa Schmidthuber is a postdoctoral researcher at the Department of Management’s Institute for Public Management and Governance at Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). Before joining the WU Wien, she has been working as a research and teaching assistant at the Institute of Public and Nonprofit Management at Johannes Kepler University Linz (Chair: Professor Dennis Hilgers). During her doctoral studies, she was a visiting scholar at the Institute of Public Service at Suffolk University Boston (Chair: Professor Marc Holzer). She received her doctoral degree in business administration from Johannes Kepler University Linz in 2018 with a paper-based dissertation on open government and the exploration and exploitation of external knowledge in the public sector. Her doctoral thesis was awarded with the Goerdeler Preis in 2020. Next to research, she has gained experience in academic teaching and supervision of PhD, master, and bachelor students. Her lectures deal with the digitalization of public sector institutions and related drivers and consequences. In addition, she gives lectures on the financial management of public sector organizations with the aim of teaching students how transparent financial data such as public debt can inform about and support public decision-making. During an Erasmus+ project, she co-developed an online course and an open access textbook on European Public Sector Accounting together with University of Rostock, University of Coimbra, University of Tampere and University of Leicester (https://www.diepsam.uni-rostock.de/).
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Research and Teaching Assistant | Institute for Public Management and Governance | WU Wien
Visiting Scholar | Institute of Public Service | Suffolk University, Boston
Research and teaching assistant | Institute of Public and Nonprofit Management | Johannes Kepler University Linz
Project assistant | Mannheim Centre for European Social Research | University of Mannheim

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Awards and Honors

Goerdeler Preis für Kommunalwissenschaften
Early Research Achievement Award | JKU Linz


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Member of the editorial board
  since 2021 Government Information Quarterly - Member of the Editorial Board


Journal article

2021 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Fechter, Charlotte, Schröder, Heike, Heß, Moritz. 2021. Active ageing policies and delaying retirement: comparing work-retirement transitions in Austria and Germany. Journal of International and Comparative Social Policy. 1-33. (Details)
  Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis. 2021. Trajectories of local open government: An empirical investigation of managerial and political perceptions. International Public Management Journal. open access (Details)
2020 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Maresch, Daniela, Ginner, Michael. 2020. Disruptive Technologies and Abundance in the Service Sector –Towards a Refined Technology Acceptance Mode. Technological Forecasting and Social Change. (Details)
  Schmidthuber, Lisa, Ingrams, Alex, Hilgers, Dennis. 2020. Government Openness and Public Trust: The Mediating Role of Democratic Capacity. Public Administration Review. open access (Details)
  Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis, Hofmann, Sebastian. 2020. International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSASs): A systematic literature review and future research agenda. Financial Accountability and Management. open access (Details)
  Wiß, Tobias, Schmidthuber, Lisa, Bordone, Valeria. 2020. Quality of Working Conditions, Sector of Employment and Age at Retirement. management revue - Socio-economic Studies (früher: management revue - The international Review of Management Studies). 31 (2), 145-166. (Details)
  Frintrup, Markus, Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis. 2020. Towards Accounting Harmonization in Europe: A Multinational Survey among Budget Expert. International Review of Administrative Sciences. open access (Details)
2019 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Piller, Frank, Bogers, Marcel, Hilgers, Dennis. 2019. Citizen participation in public administration: investigating open government for social innovation. R&D Management. open access (Details)
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2018 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Wiener, Melanie. 2018. Aiming for a sustainable future: conceptualizing public open foresight. Public Management Review. (Details)
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  Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis. 2018. Unleashing Innovation beyond Organizational Boundaries: Exploring Citizensourcing Projects. International Journal of Public Administration. (Details)
2017 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis, Gegenhuber, Thomas, Etzelstorfer, Stefan. 2017. The emergence of local open government: Determinants of citizen participation in online service reporting. Government Information Quarterly. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2021 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis. 2021. Local Open Government: Perspektiven und Hürden der digitalen Bürgerbeteiligung. In: Praxisfälle Public Management. Ein multidisziplinärer Ansatz mit konzeptionellen Bausteinen, Hrsg. Ritz, Adrian; Blankart, Carl Rudolf; Jacobs, Claus D.; Lienhard, Andreas; Radulescu, Doina; Sager, Fritz, 251-260. Wiesbaden: Springer. (Details)
  Piller, Frank, Hilgers, Dennis, Schmidthuber, Lisa. 2021. The Relevance of Technology Transfer. In: New Perspectives in Technology Transfer. FGF Studies in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Hrsg. Dana Mietzner; Christian Schultz, 143-163. Cham: Springer. (Details)
  Piller, Frank, Hilgers, Dennis, Ihl, Christoph, Schmidthuber, Lisa. 2021. Using Open Innovation Platforms for Technology Transfer. In: New Perspectives in Technology Transfer. FGF Studies in Small Business and Entrepreneurship, Hrsg. Dana Mietzner; Christian Schultz, 231-243. Cham: Springer. (Details)
2019 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis, Hofbauer, Hannes. 2019. Different Perspectives in Public Sector Accounting Harmonisation: IFRS, GFS and IPSAS. In: European Public Sector Accounting, Hrsg. Lorsen, P.C.; Jorge, S.; Haustein, E. 143-162. Coimbra: - open access (Details)
  Schmidthuber, Lisa, Hilgers, Dennis. 2019. IPSAS: History – Spread – Use. In: European Public Sector Accounting, Hrsg. Lorsen, P.C.; Jorge, S.; Haustein, E. 163-179. Coimbra: - open access (Details)
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2018 Hilgers, Dennis, Schmidthuber, Lisa. 2018. Open Government: Exploring Patterns of Mobile Citizen-Government Interaction based on Individual-level Data. In: European Cities in Dynamic Competition: Theory and Case Studies on Urban Governance, Strategy, Cooperation, and Competitiveness, Hrsg. Albach, H.; Meffert, H.; Pinkwart, A.; Reichwald, R.; Swiatczak, L. 57-72. Berlin: Springer. (Details)
2016 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Schröder, Heike, Panzenböck, Edmund. 2016. Retirement determinants in Austria: An aging society but a hesitant policymaker!? In: Delaying Retirement – Progress and Challenges of Active Ageing in Europe, the United States and Japan, Hrsg. Hofäcker, D.; Hess, M.; König, S. 195-220. London: Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Schmidthuber, Lisa, Willems, Jurgen, Krabina, Bernhard. 2020. Looking Behind the Scenes: The Effect of Data Availability and Source Disclosure on Trust in Public Information. EGPA-IASIA 2020 e-Conference, online, Österreich, 02.09. (Details)
  Schmidthuber, Lisa, Willems, Jurgen. 2020. The Right Way to Openness: How Public Information Can Increase Citizen Trust. Nachwuchstreffen der WK Öffentliche Betriebswirtschaftslehre (ÖBWL) im VHB, online, Österreich, 04.12. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2021 Willems, Jurgen, Schmidthuber, Lisa, Schmid, Moritz, Knassmüller, Monika, Ebinger, Falk, Dinhof, Katharina. 2021. The biggest public sector challenges in Germany - A citizen perspective. Vienna:Vienna University of Economics and Business. (Details)


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