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William Curtis Johnson

Dr. William Curtis Johnson
+43 1 31336 6361
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Fulbright Scholar, Visiting Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business
since 2016
Associate Professor of Finance, Suffolk University
since 2013
Associate, Global Center for Political Finance, University of British Columbia
Assistant Professor of Finance, Suffolk University
since 2007
Associate, Center for Venture Research, University of New Hampshire
Assistant Professor of Finance, University of New Hampshire
PhD, Finance, Michigan State University
MBA, Finance, State Universityof New Yorkat Buffalo, Graduated with distinction
BS, Materials Engineering, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute

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Journal article

2018 Johnson, William Curtis, Kang, Jun-Koo, Masulis, Ronald W., Yi, Sangho. 2018. Seasoned equity offerings and customer–supplier relationships. Journal of Financial Intermediation. 33 98-114. (Details)
2015 Johnson, William Curtis, Karpoff, Jonathan M., Yi, Sangho. 2015. The bonding hypothesis of takeover defenses: Evidence from IPO firms. Journal of Financial Economics. 117 (2), 307-332. (Details)
2014 Johnson, William Curtis, Xie, Wenjuan, Yi, Sangho. 2014. Corporate fraud and the value of reputations in the product market. Journal of Corporate Finance. 25 16-39. (Details)
2010 Johnson, William Curtis, Kang, Jun-Koo, Yi, Sangho. 2010. The Certification Role of Large Customers in the New Issues Market. Financial Management. 39 (4), 1425-1474. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2019 Johnson, William Curtis, Yi, Sangho. 2019. Governance in the absence of regulation: A study of ICOs, under revision to resubmit, Management Science. (Details)
2016 Johnson, William Curtis, Karpoff, Jonathan M., Yi, Sangho. 2016. The Lifecycle Effects of Takeover Defenses, revise and resubmit, Review of Financial Studies, Paper featured on Harvard Law School Forum on Corporate Governance August 15, 2016. (Details)


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