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Valentin Seidler

Mag.Dr. Valentin Seidler BA
+43 1 31336 6113
About me:
Valentin Seidler is a post-doctoral researcher and project leader of research project DEKOLINST (OeNB Anniversary Fund #18157) at the Department of Economics at WU Vienna. He previously worked at the Department of Development Studies, University Vienna after research stays in Princeton, Warwick and Groningen. His research investigates institutional reforms in emerging economies in particular the role of local bureaucrats and foreign experts in such reforms. Before beginning an academic career in 2011, Valentin Seidler worked in the field of international development aid in many African, Asian and European countries.
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since 2019
Research associate (project leader), Vienna University of Economics and Business
since 2018
Lecturer, Vienna School of International Studies
Visiting Scholar (Erwin Schroedinger Fellow), Warwick University and Groningen University
Research associate (project leader), University of Vienna
Research Fellow, International Research Centre for Cultural Studies in Vienna
Visiting Scholar at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton
Research assistant (post-doc), University of Vienna
since 2010
Lecturer, University of Vienna
Liaison officer to the EU Commission (DG ECHO) in Brussels, Austrian and International Red Cross
Project manager in international humanitarian aid in Africa, Asia and Central Europe, International Red Cross Movement
Lecturer, Museum of Economics, Vienna
Internship UNODC (Mexico D.F.)

Researcher Identifier

Awards and Honors

Academy of Science (ÖAW), Honors received for project “Bureaucrats, Transplant Effect and Institutional Quality”



  • Development Economics
  • Economics


Membership in scientific association
  since 2015 American Economic Association
  since 2013 Austrian Economic Association
  since 2012 Ronald Coase Institute
  since 2010 Society for Institutional & Organizational Economics
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  since 2019 Economics Bulletin
  since 2015 British Journal of Political Science
  since 2014 Cambridge Journal of Institutional Economics
  since 2012 Society & Natural Resources
Invitation to Research Seminar
  2016 Universität Witten / Herdecke - Keynote speaker at 3rd Witten Conference on Institutional Change
  2015 Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies - Invited speaker at workshop
  2005 Johns Hopkins University - http://hopkinshumanitarianhealth.org/education/help-course/
Organisation of Research Seminar
  2018 OIKOS Winterschool 2018 - https://medium.com/@oikoswinterschool2018
Research and Teaching Stay
  2021 UC Berkeley - Visitor (WU Forschungsvertrag)
  2017-2018 University of Groningen, Faculty of Economic and Business - Visitor (Erwin Schrödinger Fellow)
  2016-2017 University of Warwick, Dept. of Economics - Visitor (Erwin Schrödinger Fellow)
  2014-2015 Institute for Advanced Study, Princeton - Visitor (research stay)
  2005 American University, Washington - Guest Lecturer at the School of International Service


Journal article

2018 Seidler, Valentin. 2018. Copying informal institutions: the role of British colonial officers during the decolonization of British Africa. Journal of Institutional Economics . 14 (2), 289-312. (Details)
2017 Seidler, Valentin. 2017. Institutional Copying in the 20th Century: The Role of 14,000 British Colonial Officers. Journal of Contextual Economics (Schmollers Jahrbuch). 137 (1-2), 93-120. (Details)
2016 Seidler, Valentin. 2016. Colonial Bureaucrats, Institutional Transplants, and Development in the 20th Century. Administory (Journal for the History of Public Administration). 1 (1), 155-172. open access (Details)
2015 Gelman, Marina, Luiz Ricardo, Kabbach de Castro, Seidler, Valentin. 2015. Efeitos da vinculação de conselheiros ao acordo de acionistas no valor da firma. Revista de Administracao de Empresas (RAE). 55 (3), 345-358. open access (Details)
2014 Seidler, Valentin. 2014. When do institutional transfers work? The relation between institutions, culture and the transplant effect: the case of Borno in north-eastern Nigeria. Journal of Institutional Economics . 10 (3), 371-397. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2011 Seidler, Valentin. 2011. The Role of Informal Institutions in Building the Institutional Framework of an African State: The Case of the Kanuri in Nigeria. (Details)
2010 Seidler, Valentin. 2010. Why did Botswana end up with Good Institutions: The Role of Culture and Colonial Rule. (Details)


2015 Kabbach de Castro, Luiz Ricardo, Gelman, Marina, Seidler, Valentin, Übersetzer. 2015. Effects of the involvement of counsellors to the agreement of shareholders to the values of the firm. Gelman, Marina, Luiz Ricardo, Kabbach de Castro, Seidler, Valentin. 2015. Efeitos da vinculação de conselheiros ao acordo de acionistas no valor da firma. Revista de Administracao de Empresas (RAE). 55 (3), 345-358. (Details)

Media report

2021 Seidler, Valentin. 2021. Korruption und Politik in Österreich: Was können wir von China lernen? (Details)
2020 Seidler, Valentin. 2020. Der Standard: Highways to Hell. Wie Handelswege und Krieg zusammenhängen. (Details)
  Seidler, Valentin. 2020. Der Standard: Von den langfristigen Effekten von Herrschaft. (Details)
  Seidler, Valentin. 2020. Der Standard: Wenn Ökonomen über Migration diskutieren. (Details)
  Seidler, Valentin. 2020. Freunderlwirtschaft funktioniert – auf hoher See. (Details)
  Seidler, Valentin. 2020. Hunger und Stadtflucht: Covid-19 stürzt Südafrika in eine gewaltige Krise. (Details)
2019 Seidler, Valentin. 2019. Der Standard: Von der Umsetzung evidenzbasierter Entwicklungshilfe. (Details)


2011 Seidler, Valentin. 2011. Colonial legacy and institutional development: the cases of Botswana and Nigeria. Dissertation, Vienna University of Economics and Business (WU Wien). open access (Details)


Colonial administration and post-independence development (2022-2023) (Details)
Decolonization, institutions and economic development (2019-2021) (Details)