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Ali Özkes

Dr. Ali Özkes
+43 1 31336 6024
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WU Visiting Fellowship for Japan


  • 1152 Game theory (Details)
  • 5306 Business data processing (Details)
  • 5335 Political economic theory (Details)
  • 5343 Economic theory (Details)
  • 5504 Experimental psychology (Details)


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Membership in scientific association
  since 2020 Econometric Society
  since 2018 European Economic Association
  since 2015 French Economic Association
  since 2015 American Economic Association
  since 2012 Game Theory Society
Member of the editorial board
  since 2020 Management Science - Data editorial team
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  since 2019 Games and Economic Behavior
  since 2017 Social Choice and Welfare
  since 2016 Theory and Decision
  since 2016 Mathematical Social Sciences
Invitation to Research Seminar
  2019 Paris School of Economics - Research seminar
Organization scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  since 2020 Society for the Advancement of Economic Theory - Conference Session Organization
  2019 CNRS - Workshop on Morality, Social Choice, and Artificial Intelligence
  2017-2018 French Economic Association - Annual Congress Program Committee
Organization other meeting (Excursion etc.)
  2009-2011 Murat Sertel Center for Advanced Economic Studies - Bosphorus Workshop on Economic Design
Research and Teaching Stay
  2019 Waseda University - Research visit
  2019 Paris-Dauphine University - Research visit
  2019 IMT Lucca - Research visit
  2017 California Institute of Technology - Research visit
Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2020 University of East Anglia - Text Analysis in Economics and the Social Sciences
  2019 Murat Sertel Center for Advanced Economic Studies - Workshop in Economic Design
  2019 Ecole Polytechnique - Workshop in experimental economics


Journal article

2021 Özkes, Ali, Sanver, Remzi. 2021. Anonymous, neutral, and resolute social choice revisited. Social Choice and Welfare. open access (Details)
2017 Özkes, Ali, Sanver, Remzi. 2017. Absolute qualified majoritarianism: How does the threshold matter? Economics Letters. 153 20-22. (Details)
2016 Özkes, Ali, Sanver, Remzi, Laine, Jean. 2016. Hyper-stable social welfare functions. Social Choice and Welfare. 46 (1), 157-182. (Details)
2015 Özkes, Ali, Storcken, Ton, Can, Burak. 2015. Measuring polarization in preferences. Mathematical Social Sciences. 78 76-79. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2020 Özkes, Ali, Sanver, Remzi. 2020. Anonymous, neutral, and resolute social choice revisited. (Details)
  Özkes, Ali, Koriyama, Yukio. 2020. Inclusive Cognitive Hierarchy. (Details)
  Özkes, Ali, Huremović, Kenan. 2020. Polarization in Networks: Identication-alienation Framework. open access (Details)
  Özkes, Ali, Hanaki, Nobuyuki. 2020. Strategic Environment Effect and Communication. (Details)
2017 Özkes, Ali, Storcken, Ton, Can, Burak. 2017. Generalized Measures of Polarization in Preferences. (Details)
2014 Özkes, Ali, Ozdemir, Ugur. 2014. Measuring Public Preferential Polarization. (Details)


Formation of an International Research Center for Experimental Financial Markets (2020-2025) (Details)
Morality, social choice, and artificial intelligence (2019-2021) (Details)