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Hauke Dannemann

Hauke Dannemann M.Sc.
+43 1 31336 4189
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since 2019
Research Associate and PhD Candidate

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  • 5118 Political science (Details)
  • 5402 General sociology (Details)
  • 5425 Environmental sociology (Details)


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Journal article

2018 Dannemann, Hauke, Holthaus, Anna. 2018. Degrowth wächst an Geschlechterperspektiven: Genderaspekte in Degrowth-Konzeptionen und -Praxis. Forschungsjournal Soziale Bewegungen. 31 (4), 71-79. open access (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2019 Blühdorn, Ingolfur, Dannemann, Hauke. 2019. Der Post-ökologische Verteidigungskonsens. Nachhaltigkeitsforschung im Verdacht der Komplizenschaft. In: Gegenwart und Zukunft sozial-ökologischer Transformation, Hrsg. Bohn, Carolin, Fuchs, Doris, Kerkhoff, Antonius, Müller, Christian, 113-134. Baden-Baden: Nomos. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Dannemann, Hauke, Haderer, Margarete, Kalke, Karoline. 2020. Between Normative Ascription and Self-Conception: On the Transformative Thrust of Bottom-Up, Local Experiments for More Democratic and Sustainable Futures. ECPR General Conference, Online Event, Großbritannien, 24.08.-28.08. (Details)
  Dannemann, Hauke, Haderer, Margarete. 2020. Grassroots Innovations, Concrete Utopias and Resilience Pioneers: Mapping and Taking Issue with the Academic Turn to Local, Bottom-up Experiments in Sustainability Transitions. International Sustainability Transition Conference, Online Event, Österreich, 18.08.-21.08. (Details)
  Dannemann, Hauke, Kalke, Karoline. 2020. On Local Experiments in Socio-Ecological Change (LESECs): Taking Issue with the Readiness of Some Academics to Frame Them as Eco-Political Hopes. A Bottom-Up Perspective. ECPR General Conference, Online Event, Großbritannien, 24.08.-28.08. (Details)
  Dannemann, Hauke, Haderer, Margarete, Kalke, Karoline. 2020. Transforming Unsustainable Nature-Society Relations from the Bottom-Up: An Empirical Reconstruction of Scope and Limits of Local Experiments in Socio-Ecological Change. 6th Interim Conference of the Political Sociology Research Network 32 European Sociological Association, Online Event, Irland, 28.10.-30.10. (Details)
2019 Dannemann, Hauke, Haderer, Margarete. 2019. The Turn to Local Experiments: A Critical Take on Academic Perspectives on Pioneers of Change, Concrete Utopias and Grassroots Innovations. ECPR General Conference, Wroclaw, Polen, 04.09.-07.09. (Details)


Urbane Experimente für eine sozialökologische Transformation (2018-2022) (Details)