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Cristobal Perez Jarpa

Cristobal Perez Jarpa LL.M.
+43 1 31336 5035
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Chapter in edited volume

2021 Perez Jarpa, Cristobal. 2021. Industry-Specific Taxes and Article 2 OECD Model Convention 1982 and 2017. In: Taxes Covered under Article 2 of the OECD Model: The Scope of Tax Treaties in a Dynamic Global Environment of Newly Created Taxes, Hrsg. Georg Kofler, Michael Lang, Pasquale Pistone, Alexander Rust, Josef Schuch, Karoline Spies, Claus Staringer, 201-238. The Netherlands: IBFD. (Details)
2020 Polanco Lazo, Rodrigo, Yáñez Villanueva, Felipe, Perez Jarpa, Cristobal. 2020. Chapter 7: Chile. In: Tax Treaty Arbitration, Hrsg. Michael Lang, Jeffrey Owens, Pasquale Pistone, Alexander rust, Josef Schuch, Claus Staringer and Alfer Storck, 187-203. The Netherlands: IBFD. (Details)
2018 Perez Jarpa, Cristobal. 2018. Arbitration under the EU Arbitration Convention. In: OECD Arbitration in Tax Treaty Law, Hrsg. Alicja Majdanska and Laura Turcan, 425-446. Vienna, Austria: Linde Verlag. (Details)

Edited book (editorship)

2021 Kofler, Georg, Lang, Michael, Owens, Jeffrey, Pistone, Pasquale, Rust, Alexander, Schuch, Josef, Spies, Karoline, Staringer, Claus, Klokar, Martin, Perez Jarpa, Cristobal, Hrsg. 2021. The Implementation and Lasting Effects of the Multilateral Instrument. Amsterdam: IBFD. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Perez Jarpa, Cristobal. 2020. Industry-Specific Taxes and Article 2 OECD Model Convention 1982 and 2017. 27th Viennese Symposium on International Tax Law, Vienna, Austria, 15.06-15.06. (Details)


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