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Pauline Poropat

Pauline Poropat LL.M. (WU)
+43 1 31336 5772
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Case note

2020 Poropat, Pauline, Steindl, Christoph. 2020. C-683/17 Cofemel. MR-Int - Medien & Recht International, (1): 8-12. (Details)
  Poropat, Pauline. 2020. OGH 7 Ob 106/19t, 16.12.2019. Zeitschrift für Finanzmarktrecht (ZFR), (5): 257-259. (Details)
2019 Heil, Anna-Maria, Poropat, Pauline. 2019. OGH. Zeitschrift für Technikrecht (ZTR), (2): 99-103. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2019 Heil, Anna-Maria, Poropat, Pauline. 2019. Jurisdiction and Applicable Law for Consumer Contracts regarding the Purchase of Goods via Digital Platforms from an EU Perspective. Legal Implications of the Platform Economy Workshop I, Krems an der Donau, Österreich, 24.06. (Details)

Lecture notes/article in lecture notes

2021 Fuhrmann, Elisabeth, Illetschko, Christian, Lobnik, Lukas, Mock, Sebastian, Poropat, Pauline, Ziskovsky, Lisa. 2021. Wirtschaftsprivatrecht II. Mock. 9. Auflage Wien: facultas. (Details)
2019 Poropat, Pauline. 2019. Unit 3 – Unfair Competition Law. Coursebook for "Law, Economics, and Business" Winner. Wien: - (Details)


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