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Antonio Martinez Raya

Antonio Martinez Raya M.Sc.M.A.
+43 1 31336 6145
About me:
**Antonio Martínez Raya** graduated with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering (EQF level 7) together with a minor in aircrafts and space vehicles from UPM in Madrid (Spain). He has also earned a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics (EQF level 6), and majored in the European Union (EQF level 7) with focus on economic and political level in both degrees from UNED in Madrid (Spain). In addition, he has worked as an industrial project manager in international environments for large corporations, many of whom are sector leading multinational companies. Moreover, he provides a wide range of language skills such as English, German, French and Italian, combined with an extensive knowledge of various cultures.
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since 2019
Research assistant (ext.)

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