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Stefan Vamosi

Stefan Vamosi MSc.
+43 1 31336 5531
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Contribution to conference proceedings

2020 Vamosi, Stefan, Reutterer, Thomas. 2020. A RECURRENT NEURAL NETWORK WITH TRIPLET LOSS APPROACH FOR SIMILARITY MATCHING AND USER RE-IDENTIFICATION. In EMAC 2020 Annual Conference, Hrsg. EMAC, 1-11. Budapest: EMAC. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2020 Vamosi, Stefan, Reutterer, Thomas. 2020. Show me a snippet of your browsing history and I tell you who you are: A recurrent neural net with triplet loss approach for User re-identification. 18th Annual International Conference on Marketing, Athens, Griechenland, 29.06-02.07. (Details)
2019 Vamosi, Stefan, Reutterer, Thomas, Platzer, Michael, Kalcher, Klaudius. 2019. A Deep Learning Approach to Quantify Sequence Similarities of Historical Customer Data. INFORMS Marketing Science Conference 2019, Rom, Italien, 20.06.-22.06. (Details)
  Vamosi, Stefan, Reutterer, Thomas. 2019. A deep learning approach to quantify sequence similarities of historical customer data. 2019 INFORMS Marketing Science Conference, Rome, Italien, 20.06.-22.06. (Details)


Al-Based Privacy-Preserving Big Data Sharing for Market Research (ANITA-ANonymous bIg daTA) (2019-2021) (Details)
Privacy Aspects for Data Analytics in Industrial Automation Environments in the context of the European general Data Protection GDPR (2018-2019) (Details)