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Julia Litofcenko

Julia Litofcenko BA, MSc (WU)
+43 1 31336 6243
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  • 5363 Non-profit-sector research (NPO, NPI) (Details)


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Journal article

2020 Litofcenko, Julia, Karner, Dominik, Maier, Florentine. 2020. Methods for Classifying Nonprofit Organizations According to their Field of Activity: A Report on Semi-automated Methods Based on Text. Voluntas: International Journal of Voluntary and Nonprofit Organizations. 31 (1), 227-237. open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2021 Litofcenko, Julia, Meyer, Michael, Neumayr, Michaela, Pennerstorfer, Astrid, Terzieva, Berta. 2021. Philanthropic Behavior in Times of COVID-19. 14. Internationales NPO-Colloquium, Linz, Österreich, 08.04.-09.04. (Details)
2020 Litofcenko, Julia. 2020. Has liberalism lost ground against conservativism? Legitimacy of civil society in public media discourses in Austria. ARNOVA Conference, Online, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 11.11.-13.11. (Details)
  Litofcenko, Julia. 2020. Methods for classifying nonprofit organisations according to their field of activity: A report on semi-automated methods based on text. uRos 2020, Online, Österreich, 02.12.-04.12. (Details)
  Litofcenko, Julia. 2020. Renaissance konservativer Werte in Österreich: Welche Rolle spielt die Zivilgesellschaft? Momentum Kongress, Hallstatt, Österreich, 16.10.-17.10. (Details)
2018 Maier, Florentine, Karner, Dominik, Litofcenko, Julia. 2018. The Life and Death of Nonprofit Associations: Exploring the Influence of Governance Arrangements. 13th ISTR International Conference, Amsterdam, Niederlande, 10.07-13.07. (Details)
  Karner, Dominik, Litofcenko, Julia, Maier, Florentine. 2018. The life and death of nonprofit associations: Exploring the influence of governance arrangements. 37th EGOS colloquium, Tallin, Estonia, 08.07-10.07. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2018 Litofcenko, Julia, Karner, Dominik, Maier, Florentine. 2018. Categorizing nonprofit organizations according to their field of activity: A discussion of rule-based categorization and machine learning, and recommendations for implementation. open access (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2019 More-Hollerweger, Eva, Bogorin, Flavia-Elvira, Litofcenko, Julia, Meyer, Michael. 2019. Civil Society in Central and Eastern Europe: Monitoring 2019. Wien:ERSTE Stiftung, WU. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2021 Terzieva, Berta, Litofcenko, Julia, Meyer, Michael, Neumayr, Michaela. 2021. Engagement in Zeiten der Pandemie. Freiwillies Engagement in Zeiten von COVID-19, Webinar, 17.02.21 (Details)


Civil Society-Monitoring in CEE (2018-2019) (Details)