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Andrea Borsoi

Mag.rer.soc.oec. Andrea Borsoi MSc, MBA
+43 1 31336 6166
About me:
Green HRM combines environmental management and human resources. The role of the human resources function in the development and implementation of environmental management in the company has been discussed in the scientific community for some years now and increasingly examined empirically. The key factors here are not just the creation of "green jobs", but above all the central personnel functions of recruiting, personnel development, performance management, compensation and benefits, as well as employee leadership and participation (Zdravkovic and Müller-Camen 2013). Currently, the institute is involved in an international quantitative/qualitative study (in cooperation, among others, with the University of Augsburg and researchers from Nottingham University/UK and Rutgers University/USA), funded by the FWF and the German DFG - comparing cases in Austria, Germany, UK and USA - trying to find out what employees think about "green behavior in the workplace" such as avoiding printing documents. In addition we will examine the role of the manager and the team as possible factors influencing ecologically responsible behavior (Muller-Camen and Wagner 2016). Andrea Borsoi is one of the researchers directly involved in this study and is responsible for the data collection in the UK and USA (English language).
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