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Heike Christiane Vogel-Pöschl

Heike Christiane Vogel-Pöschl MSc.
+43 1 31336 5671
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Journal article

2020 Vogel-Pöschl, Heike Christiane, Martinuzzi, Robert-Andre, Schönherr, Norma. 2020. Evaluating Corporate Impacts on the SDGs – Tools, Cases, and Future Challenges. Zeitschrift für Evaluation. 19 (2), 261-290. (Details)
2019 Jarmai, Katharina, Vogel-Pöschl, Heike Christiane. 2019. Meaningful collaboration for responsible innovation. Journal of Responsible Innovation. 7 (1), 138-143. open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2018 Schönherr, Norma, Findler, Florian, Vogel-Pöschl, Heike Christiane. 2018. DECOUPLING RISK IN CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY STANDARDS: A COMPARATIVE ASSESSMENT. GRONEN Research Conference 2018/, Almeria, Spanien, 13.06.-16.06. (Details)
  Schönherr, Norma, Findler, Florian, Vogel-Pöschl, Heike Christiane, Martinuzzi, Robert-Andre. 2018. Invisible Barriers to Success: Decoupling Risk and Structural Variation in International Accountability Standards. Annual Meeting of the International Association of Business and Society, Hongkong, China, 06.06.-10.06. (Details)
  Schönherr, Norma, Findler, Florian, Vogel-Pöschl, Heike Christiane. 2018. Policy-Practice Decoupling in CSR Standards: The Role of Design Characteristics. Annual Conference of the Society for Business Ethics, Chicago, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 10.08.-12.08. (Details)


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