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Anton Yeshchenko

Anton Yeshchenko M.Sc.
+43 1 31336 6062
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Journal article

2018 Mendling, Jan, Yeshchenko, Anton, Durier, Fernando, Revoredo, Kate, Santoro, Flavia. 2018. Context-Aware Predictive Process Monitoring: The Impact of News Sentiment. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). 586-603. (Details)
  Waibel, Philipp, Yeshchenko, Anton, Mendling, Jan, Schulte, Stefan. 2018. Optimized Container-Based Process Execution in the Cloud. Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). 11230 3-21. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2018 Barboza, Tatiana , Richetti, Pedro , Baião, Fernanda , Santoro, Flavia Maria, Gonçalves, João Carlos , Revoredo, Kate , Yeshchenko, Anton. 2018. Speech Acts Featuring Decisions in Knowledge-Intensive Processes. In On the Move to Meaningful Internet Systems. OTM 2018 Conferences, Hrsg. Hervé Panetto, Christophe Debruyne, Henderik A. Proper, Claudio Agostino Ardagna, Dumitru Roman, Robert Meersman, 222-237. Malta: Springer. open access (Details)
2017 Yeshchenko, Anton, Francescomarino, Chiara Di , Ghidini, Chiara , Maggi, Fabrizio Maria , Petrucci, Giulio . 2017. An eye into the future: leveraging a-priori knowledge in predictive business process monitoring. In Business Process Management, Hrsg. Josep CarmonaGregor EngelsAkhil Kumar, 252-268. Barcelona: Springer. (Details)


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