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Alessio Cecconi

Dott.mag. Alessio Cecconi
+43 1 31336 5051
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Journal article

2019 Di Ciccio, Claudio, Cecconi, Alessio, Dumas, Marlon, García-Bañuelos, Luciano, López-Pintado, Orlenys, Lu, Qinghua, Mendling, Jan, Ponomarev, Alexander, Tran, An Binh, Weber, Ingo. 2019. Blockchain Support for Collaborative Business Processes. Informatik-Spektrum. 42 (3), 182-190. open access (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2019 Di Ciccio, Claudio, Ekaputra, Fajar J., Cecconi, Alessio, Ekelhart, Andreas, Kiesling, Elmar. 2019. Finding Non-compliances with Declarative Process Constraints Through Semantic Technologies. In International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering Forum, CAiSE 2019 Forum, Rome, Italy, Hrsg. Cinzia Cappiello, Marcela Ruiz, 60-74. Rome, Italy: Springer, Cham. (Details)
2018 Di Ciccio, Claudio, Cecconi, Alessio, Mendling, Jan, Felix, Dominik, Haas, Dominik, Lilek, Daniel, Riel, Florian, Rumpl, Andreas, Uhlig, Philipp. 2018. Blockchain-Based Traceability of Inter-organisational Business Processes. In Business Modeling and Software Design - 8th International Symposium, BMSD 2018, July 2-4, 2018, Proceedings, Hrsg. Boris Shishkov, 56-68. Vienna, Austria: Springer. (Details)
  Cecconi, Alessio, Di Ciccio, Claudio, De Giacomo, Giuseppe, Mendling, Jan, De Giacomo, Guiseppe. 2018. Interestingness of traces in declarative process mining: The Janus LTLpf approach. In Business Process Management - 16th International Conference, BPM 2018, Sydney, NSW, Australia, September 9-14, 2018, Proceedings, Hrsg. Mathias Weske, Marco Montali, Ingo Weber, Jan vom Brocke, 121-138. Sydney, Australia: Springer. (Details)


Cyber-Physical Social Systems for City-wide Infrastructures (2017-2020) (Details)