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Kate Cerqueira Revoredo

Dr. Kate Cerqueira Revoredo
+43 1 31336 6452
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since 2020
Assistant Professor

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Journal article

2021 Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Djurica, Djordje, Mendling, Jan. 2021. A study into the practice of reporting software engineering experiments. Empirical Software Engineering. open access (Details)
  Brunk, Jens, Stierle, Matthias, Papke, Leon, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Matzner, Martin, Becker, Jörg. 2021. Cause vs. effect in context-sensitive prediction of business process instances. Information Systems (IS). 95 (Details)
2020 Da Silva, Jomar, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Baião, Fernanda, Euzenat, Jérôme. 2020. Alin: improving interactive ontology matching by interactively revisingmapping suggestions. The Knowledge Engineering Review. 35 (Details)
  Marquez-Chamorro, Alfonso, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Resinas, Manuel, Del-Rio-Ortega, Adela, Santoro, Flavia, Ruiz-Cortes, Antonio. 2020. Context-Aware Process Performance Indicator Prediction. IEEE Access. 8 222050-222063. open access (Details)
  Maria Santoro, Flavia, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Costa, Rosa, Mester Barboza, Thais. 2020. Process Mining Techniques in Internal Auditing: A Stepwise Case Study. iSys - Brazilian Journal of Information Systems. 13 (4), 48-76. open access (Details)
  Becker, Jörg, Di Ciccio, Claudio, vom Brocke, Jan, Leopold, Henrik, Mendling, Jan, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Solti, Andreas, Kerschbaumsteiner, Armin, Wolf, Verena. 2020. Seven Paradoxes of Business Process Management in a Hyper-Connected World. Business & Information Systems Engineering. 63 145-156. open access (Details)
2019 Fahrenbach, Florian, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Santoro, Flavia Maria. 2019. Valuing Prior Learning: Designing an ICT Artifact to Assess Professional Competences Through Text Mining. European Journal of Training and Development. open access (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2020 da Silva, Jomar, Delgado, Carla, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Baião, Fernanda. 2020. ALIN Results for OAEI 2020. In ALIN Results for OAEI 2020, Hrsg. Pavel Shvaiko, Jérôme Euzenat, Ernesto Jiménez-Ruiz, Oktie Hassanzadeh, Cássia Trojahn, 139-146. 15th International Workshop on Ontology Matching co-located with the 19th International Semantic Web: None. open access (Details)
  Waibel, Philipp, Novak, Christian, Bala, Saimir, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Mendling, Jan. 2020. Analysis of Business Process Batching Using Causal Event Models. In Analysis of Business Process Batching Using Causal Event Models, Hrsg. Sander J. J. Leemans and Henrik Leopold, 17-29. Padua, Italy: None. (Details)
  Bartelheimer, Christian, Cappelli, Claudia, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Santoro, Flavia. 2020. Governance of Platform Ecosystems - Designing Understandable Processesfor Digital High Street Retail. In Governance of Platform Ecosystems—Designing Understandable Processes for Digital High Street Retail, Hrsg. Jing He, Hemant Purohit, Willem-Jan van den Heuvel, John Yearwood, 925-930. The IEEE/WIC/ACM International Joint Conference on Web Intelligence and Intelligent Agent Technology: IEEE. (Details)
  Bayomie Sobh, Dina Sayed, Pfahlsberger, Lukas, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Mendling, Jan. 2020. Space-Time Cube Operations in Process Mining. In Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing, Hrsg. Springer, 405-414. The Practice of Enterprise Modeling: Springer, Cham. (Details)
  Weinzierl, Sven, Zilker, Sandra, Brunk, Jens, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Matzner, Martin, Becker, Jörg. 2020. XNAP: Making LSTM-based Next Activity Predictions Explainable by Using LRP. In XNAP: Making LSTM-based Next ActivityPredictions Explainable by Using LRP, Hrsg. Chiara Di Francescomarino, Fabrizio Maria Maggi, Andrea Marrella, Arik Senderovich, Emilio Sulis, 1-1. International Conference on Business Process Management 2020 - 4th International Workshop in Artifi: None. open access (Details)

eBook/chapter in eBook

2020 Santoro, Flavia, Cerqueira Revoredo, Kate, Baião, Fernanda. 2020. Computação e Sociedade| Volume 2 A sociedade. None. https://f3286f62-e14d-4952-ad27-eac5c2feb473.usrfiles.com/ugd/f3286f_c83d5601351742dbb27e2a18c8439060.pdf (Details)


Human-AI Teaming Platform for Maintaining and evolving AI Systems in Manufacturing (2021-2023) (Details)
Causal Process Mining: Concepts and Tool (2021-2022) (Details)