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Till Winkler

Till Winkler M.Sc.
+43 1 31336 4380
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  • 1146 Management information systems (Details)
  • 1157 Usability research (Details)
  • 1161 Human-computer interaction (Details)
  • 2953 Data security and data privacy (Details)
  • 5501 General psychology (Details)
  • 6815 Product design (Details)


  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Psychology
  • Value sensitive Design


Position in scientific committee
  2019 - Workshop on Engineering Accountable Information Systems - Program Committee
Membership in scientific association
  2016 IEEE - P7000 Standard Effort
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  2018 Ethics and Information Technology
Reviewer for an international conference
  2019 ICIS 2019
  2019 HICSS 53
  2017 AMCIS
Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2018 ISTAS 2018 - Technology, Ethics, and Policy
  2016 Lorentz Center - Value Sensitive Design: Charting the Next Decade
Other scientific activities
  2019 ICIS 2019 - Associate Editor (Track on "Sustainability and Societal Impact of IS")


Journal article

2019 Winkler, Till, Spiekermann-Hoff, Sarah. 2019. Human Values as the Basis for Sustainable Information System Design. IEEE Technology and Society Magazine. 38 (3), 34-43. (Details)
2018 Winkler, Till, Spiekermann-Hoff, Sarah. 2018. Twenty years of value sensitive design: a review of methodological practices in VSD projects. Ethics and Information Technology. 1-5. open access (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2018 Winkler, Till. 2018. Human Values as the Basis for Sustainable Software Development. ISTAS 2018, Washington DC, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 13.11.-14.11. (Details)


Value sensitive system design for competitive differentiation (2019-2020) (Details)
Towards Realization of Accountable Multi-modal Smart Mobility in Vienna: Do Smartphone Apps Influence Mode Choice Behavior among Viennese Citizens? The Role of User-interface Design in Influencing Users’ Mobility Behaviour in Vienna (2019-2020) (Details)