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Mia Raynard

Assist.Prof. Mia Raynard Ph.D.
+43 1 31336 4461
About me:
Mia Raynard is an assistant professor at WU Wien in the Institute of Change Management & Management Development, Department of Management. She obtained her PhD degree at the University of Alberta, an MBA degree at the National Sun Yat-Sen University, and a Bachelor’s of Commerce degree at McGill University. Her research investigates longitudinal change processes at the level of institutional fields and organizations. Her current research projects examine diverse settings including CSR in China and Europe, organizations in transition economies, the medical profession in China, and higher education in Europe. She has spent several years working and conducting research in Southeast Asia. She serves on the editorial review boards of Administrative Science Quarterly, Journal of Management Studies, and Family Business Review. Her work has been published in Academy of Management Annals, Research in the Sociology of Organizations, Strategic Organization, and Family Business Review.
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Awards and Honors

Academy of Management - OMT Best Environmental and Social Practices Paper Award Finalist
Academy of Management - OMT Best International Paper Runner Up
Lou Pondy Best Dissertation Award Finalist
Izaak Walter Killam Memorial Scholarship
Andrew Stewart Memorial Graduate Prize


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Position in scientific committee
  since 2010 Academy of Managment - OMT Division - OMT Communications Committee member
Member of the editorial board
  since 2018 Administrative Science Quarterly
  since 2015 Journal of Management Studies
  2012 Family Business Review
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  since 2016 Organization Science
  since 2015 Strategic Management Journal
  since 2015 Organization Studies
  since 2014 Academy of Management Journal
  since 2011 Journal of Business Venturing
Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  since 2010 European Group for Organizational Studies
  since 2009 Academy of Management Conference
  2018 Academy of Management Conference - OMT Doctoral Student Consortium - Faculty Mentor


Journal article

2016 Raynard, Mia. 2016. Deconstructing Complexity: Configurations of Institutional Complexity and Structural Hybridity. Strategic Organization 14 (4), 310-335. open access (Details)
2015 Marquis, Chris, Raynard, Mia. 2015. Institutional Strategies in Emerging Economies. Academy of Management Annals. 9 291-335. (Details)
2014 Hinings, C.R. (Bob), Raynard, Mia. 2014. One More Time: Church, Sect, Denomination, Ecclesia and Other Forms of Religious Organization. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 41 159-186. (Details)
2013 Raynard, Mia, Lounsbury, Michael, Greenwood, Royston. 2013. Legacies of Logics: Sources of Community Variation in CSR Implementation in China. Research in the Sociology of Organizations. 39 (A), 243-276. (Details)
2011 Raynard, Mia, Greenwood, Royston, Kodeih, Farah, Micelotta, Evelyn R. , Lounsbury, Michael. 2011. Institutional Complexity and Organizational Responses. Academy of Management Annals. 5 317-371. (Details)
  Micelotta, Evelyn R., Raynard, Mia. 2011. Concealing or Revealing the Family? Corporate Brand Identity Strategies in Family Firms. Family Business Review. 24 (3), 197-216. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2015 Raynard, Mia, Johnson, Gerry, Greenwood, Royston. 2015. Strategic Management: A MultiplePerspective Approach. In: Institutional Theory and Strategic Management, Hrsg. M. Jenkins & V. Ambrosini , 9-34. UK: Palgrave. (Details)

Contribution to conference proceedings

2017 Raynard, Mia, Lu, Fangmei. 2017. Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. In Institutional Sedimentation: Navigating China’s Shifting Political Landscape, Hrsg. , 1-6. Briarcliff Manor, NY: Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings. open access (Details)
2014 Raynard, Mia, Greenwood, Royston. 2014. Deconstructing Complexity: How Organizations Cope with Different Patterns of Institutional Complexity. In Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings, Hrsg. OMT Division, 1-6. Philadelphia: None. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2019 Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2019. THE MAINTENANCE OF A CONTESTED ISSUE. TOWARDS A THEORY OF EXCHANGES IN SHAPING ISSUE SETTLEMENTS. WOA 2019, Palermo, Italien, 07.02.-08.02. (Details)
2018 Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2018. A Pyrrhic victory? categorization and framing in a complex issue field. 14th Workshop on New Institutionalism in Organization Theory, March 16-17, 2018, Bocconi University, Mailand, Italien, 16.03.-17.03. (Details)
  Raynard, Mia, Greenwood, Royston. 2018. Institutional Legacies: Examining the Interplay between Emotions and Imprinting. Academy of Management Conference, Chicago, United States/USA, 10.08-14.08. (Details)
  Biscaro, Claudio, Delmestri, Giuseppe, Raynard, Mia. 2018. On thin ice. Maintenance struggles around a contested practice. Egos 34th colloquium, Tallinn, Estonia, 05.07-07.07. (Details)
  Raynard, Mia, Toubiana, Madeline, Delmestri, Giuseppe. 2018. To Hate or To Love? Changing the Emotional Norms of Institutions. European Group for Organizational Studies, Tallinn, Estonia, 05.07-07.07. (Details)
2017 Raynard, Mia. 2017. Fallen From Grace: Stigmatizing the Chinese Medical Profession. Academy of Management Conference, Atlanta, United States/USA, 04.08-08.08. (Details)
  Raynard, Mia. 2017. Institutional sedimentation: Navigating China’s shifting political landscape. European Group for Organizational Studies, Copenhagen, Denmark, 06.07-08.07. (Details)


Transnational Governance and Diffusion of Corporate Social Responsibility Initiatives (2017-2018) (Details)