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Simon Sturn

Mag. Simon Sturn Ph.D.
+43 1 31336 5658
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Journal article

2021 Zwickl, Klara, Sturn, Simon, James K., Boyce. 2021. Effects of Carbon Mitigation on Co-pollutants at Industrial Facilities in Europe. Energy Journal. 42 (5) (Details)
  Sturn, Simon, Epstein, Gerald. 2021. How much should we trust five-year averaging to purge business cycle effects? A reassessment of the finance-growth and capital accumulation-unemployment nexus. Economic Modelling. 96 (C), 242-256. (Details)
2018 Sturn, Simon. 2018. Do Minimum Wages Lead to Job Losses? Evidence from OECD Countries on Low-Skilled and Youth Employment. Industrial and Labor Relations Review (ILR Review), 71 (3), 647-675. (Details)
  Herzog-Stein, Alexander, Lindner, Fabian, Sturn, Simon. 2018. The German employment miracle in the Great Recession: the significance and institutional foundations of temporary working-time reductions. Oxford Economics Papers 70 (1), 206-224. (Details)
2016 Sturn, Simon and Zwickl, Klara. 2016. A reassessment of intermediation and size effects of financial systems. Empirical Economics 50 (4): S. 1467-1480. (Details)
2014 Sturn, Simon. 2014. From internal imbalances to global imbalances: A survey on the causes of China's export-led growth. China Economic Journal 7 (3): S. 320-342. (Details)
  Sturn, Simon. 2014. Macroeconomic policy in recessions and unemployment hysteresis. Applied Economics Letters 21 (13): S. 914-917. (Details)
2013 Sturn, Simon. 2013. Are corporatist labour markets different? Labour market regimes and unemployment in OECD countries. International Labour Review 152 (2): S. 237-254. (Details)
2012 Stockhammer, Engelbert-Richard and Sturn, Simon. 2012. The impact of monetary policy on unemployment hysteresis. Applied Economics 44 (21): S. 2743-2756. (Details)
2010 Sturn, Simon, van Treeck, Till. 2010. Arbeitsmarktreformen in Deutschland: Hohe soziale Kosten ohne gesamtwirtschaftlichen Nutzen. WSI Mitteilungen (11): 592-600. (Details)
  Horn, Gustav, Sturn, Simon, van Treeck, Till. 2010. Die Debatte um die deutsche Exportorientierung. Wirtschaftsdienst 90 (1), 22-28. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2013 Sturn, Simon, van Treeck, Till. 2013. The Role of Income Inequality as a Cause of the Great Recession and Global Imbalances. In: Wage-led Growth, Hrsg. Lavoie Marc, Stockhammer Engelbert, 125-152. London: Palgrave Macmillan. (Details)

Book or article review

2011 Sturn, Simon. 2011. Tim Jackson (2009): Prosperity Without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet. Besprechung von Prosperity Without Growth – Economics for a Finite Planet, von Tim Jackson. INTERVENTION. European Journal of Economics and Economic Policies 8 (1), 228-229. (Details)


US Neighbourhood Inequality (2014-2016) (Details)