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Gloria Kutscher-Studenic

Mag.rer.nat. Gloria Kutscher-Studenic Ph.D.
+43 1 31336 5250
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since 2012
University assistant, Gender and Diversity Management Group, WU Wien
Psychology studies with specialization in economic-, work- and organizational psychology, University of Vienna

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Preis für "Exzellente Lehre" WU Wien
Dr. Maria Schaumayer Förderpreis



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Journal article

2015 Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria, Kücükgöl, Dudu, Schönung, Benjamin, Tinkler, Gisela, Warmuth, Gloria-Sophia. 2015. Lost in the Diversity Jungle: Using the Diversity Compass for Early CareerScholars' Orientation in Research Communities. The International Journal of Community Diversity 14 (2): S. 9-19. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2017 Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2017. The Role of Unions as Working Class Representation. In: Evolutionary Political Economy in Action. A Cyprus Symposium, Hrsg. Hardy Hanappi, Savvas Katsikides, Manuel Scholz-Wäckerle, 85-99. New York: Routledge. (Details)
2015 Bendl, Regine, Eberherr, Helga, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud, Hermann, Anett, Köllen, Thomas, Kutscher, Gloria, Mensi-Klarbach, Heike, Warmuth, Gloria-Sophia. 2015. Gender and Diversity in Management Education at Europe's Largest University of Economics and Business: An evaluation of 12 years of teaching diversity management at the WU Vienna. In: Integrating Gender Equality into Business and Management Education, Hrsg. Patricia M. Flynn/Kathryn Haynes/Maureen A. Kilgour, 216-235. Sheffield: Greenleaf Publishing. (Details)
  Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud, Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria. 2015. Entgegen Invidivualisierung und Entsolidarisierung: Die Rolle der sozialen Klasse als suprakategorialer Zugang in der Diversitätsforschung. In: Diversität, Diversifizierung und (Ent)Solidarisierung: Eine Standortbestimmung der Diversitätsforschung im deutschen Sprachraum, Hrsg. Hanappi-Egger E., Bendl R. 21-35. Wiesbaden: Springer VS. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2018 Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria. 2018. The who and how of class disadvantage. CBS (Per)formative Diversity Workshop, Kopenhagen, Dänemark, 08.05.-09.05. (Details)
2017 Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria, Bendl, Regine. 2017. How apprentices make sense of and frame a positive class self-identity – The class identity work of apprentices in Austria. AOM (Academy of Management), Atlanta, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 04.08.-08.08. (Details)
  Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria, Bendl, Regine. 2017. How to make sense of class? - Class identity work of apprentices in Austria. 33rd EGOS Colloquium, Sub-theme 46: The Entanglement of Individual and Collective Identification, Kopenhagen, Dänemark, 05.07.-08.07. (Details)
  Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria. 2017. Social class in diversity research: A way of identifying socio-economic borders and disadvantaged people. EDI (Equality, Diversity and Inclusion), London, Großbritannien, 28.06.-30.06. (Details)
2016 Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2016. Organizational Inequality: Social Class in Organizations and the Role of the Third Party. Work, Employment and Society, Leeds, Großbritannien, 06.09-08.09. (Details)
  Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2016. Unpacking classed structures in organizations – Testing combined categories of Joan Acker`s inequality regimes and Pierre Bourdieu’s multiple social class approach. Gender, Work and Organisation, Keele, Großbritannien, 29.06-01.06. (Details)
2015 Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud, Kutscher, Gloria. 2015. In countercurrent with asbos, chavs, and rednecks: On the role of class identity for working class people. 3rd "Equal is not Enough" Conference, Antwerpen, Belgien, 04.02.-06.02. (Details)
2014 Kutscher, Gloria, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2014. Attracting working class people: the role of unions as an institutionalised representation. EAEPE, Nicosia, Zypern, 06. 11. - 08.11. (Details)
  Kutscher, Gloria, Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2014. Soziale Klasse: Eine (un)sichtbare Sozialkategorie?. Momentum Kongress, Hallstatt, Österreich, 16.11.-19.11. (Details)
  Kutscher, Gloria, Kücükgöl, Dudu, Tinkler, Gisela, Schönung, Benjamin, Warmuth, Gloria-Sophia. 2014. Lost in the diversity jungle? Using the Diversity Compass for early career scholars' orientation in research communities. 14th International Conference on Diversity in Organizations, Communities, and Nations, Wien, Österreich, 09.07.-11.07. (Details)
  Eberherr, Helga, Kutscher, Gloria. 2014. Chair: Inklusion: anti-kategoriale Betrachtungen. Vernetzungstreffen: Vielfalt, Diversifizierung, (Ent)Solidarisierung in der organisationalen Diversitätsforschung: eine Standortbestimmung im deutschen Sprachraum, WU Wien, Österreich, 14.11.2014. (Details)
2013 Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud, Kutscher, Gloria. Forthcoming. Class-consciousness revisited: a conceptual approach. 25th Annual EAEPE Conference 2013 Beyond Deindustrialisation: The Future of Industries, Paris, Frankreich, 07.11.-09.11.. (Details)
2012 Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud, Kutscher, Gloria. 2012. Reacting to the crisis: strategic essentialism or anti-categorical solidarity?. EAEPE Annual Conference 2012: Economic Policy in Times of Crisis, Krakow, Polen, 18.10.-21.10.. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2018 Kutscher-Studenic, Gloria. 2018. Are we all middle class? Klassenstrukturen in Österreich . Diversitätsmanagement AbsolventInnenveranstaltung, Wien, 15.05.18 (Details)


Changing social class belongingness and Identity? Exploration of self-perceived class belongingness and identity of apperentices in Austria (2016-2016) (Details)
class consciousness and identity (Details)
Structural data and gendersensitive measures in Austrian industries (2012-2012) (Details)