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Nora Szücs

Nora Szücs M.S.Ph.D.
+43 1 31336 4330
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Awards and Honors

Small project research grant
Exzellente Lehre
Innovative Lehre
Ph.D. scholarship for researching challenges of sustainable career management
Small project research grant



  • expatriation
  • career studies


Membership in scientific association
  since 2010 European Group of Organization Studies - member
Reviewer for a scientific journal
  2015 Vezetéstudomány - ad hoc reviewer
  since 2014 Journal of Cross-Cultural Management - ad hoc reviewer
Organization scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2009-2010 Organization Development World Summit - senior organizer
Attendance scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2015 International Association of Cross-Cultural Competence and Management


Journal article

2015 Baruch, Yehuda, Szücs, Nora, Gunz, Hugh. 2015. Career studies in search of theory: the rise and rise of concepts. Career Development International 20 (1): S. 3-20. (Details)
2014 Szücs, Nora. 2014. In Harmony Abroad- Experiences in Expat Coaching. Hungarian Journal of Coaching 3 (3): 12-17. (Details)
  Szücs, Nora. 2014. International commuters: you don't always need to give up your life abroad. Hungarian Journal of Coaching 3 (6): 60-64. (Details)
2010 Szücs, Nora. 2010. Home, sweet home? Repatriation Shock. Hungarian Journal of Work Issues 84-90. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2018 Szücs, Nora. Forthcoming. Global careers. In: Sammelband: Internationales Personalmanagement: Rollen - Kompetenzen - Perspektiven. Implikationen für die Praxis. Hrsg. Springer, Springer Gabler. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2016 Szücs, Nora. 2016. Single Female Self-Initiated Expatriates' Experiences: The Hungarian Case. 6th EIASM workshop on Expatriation, Catania, Italy, 15.09.-16.09. (Details)
2015 Szücs, Nora, Toarniczky, Andrea 2015. Boundaryless career by self-initiated expatriation?: Exploring the existence and nature of career boundaries of Hungarian female SIEs. 1st Conference on Self-Initiated Expatriation, Toulouse, Frankreich, 28.05-29.05. (Details)
2013 Szücs, Nora. 2013. Sustainable career management: An old wine in new bottle?. EURAM, Doctoral Colloquium, Istanbul, Türkei, 24.06-26.06. (Details)
  Baruch, Yehuda, Szücs, Nora, Gunz, Hugh. 2013. What's in the label: The rise and rise of careers' concepts - why career theory stumb. European Groups of Organization Studies, Montreal, Kanada, 04.07-06.07. (Details)
2012 Szücs, Nora, Avar, Tamás, Sárközi, Márta. 2012. Sustainable career amid ever-changing daily work: is it worth the trouble? Stockbrokers' considerations on their well-being and career. 3rd Biennial IWP Conference, Sheffield, Großbritannien, 26.06-28.06. (Details)
  Szücs, Nora. 2012. Sustainable career development: a new concept in the field? - stockbrokers' considerations on their sustainability. European Groups of Organization Studies, Helsinki, Finnland, 04.07-07.07. (Details)
2011 Toarniczky, Andrea, Szücs, Nora. 2011. Identification narratives in times of organizational change - case of a post-merger pharmaceutical organization. 4th International Conference on Rhetoric and Narratives in Management Research, Barcelona, Spanien, 24.03-26.03. (Details)
  Szücs, Nora, Toarniczky, Andrea. 2011. In your shoe - Top managers' experiences in a culture transformation project. European Groups of Organization Studies, Gothenburg, Schweden, 06.07-09.07. (Details)
  Szücs, Nora, Toarniczky, Andrea. 2011. Managerial participation and identity work in times of organizational change - case of a postmerger organization. 7th International Critical Management Studies Conference, Naples, Italien, 11.07.-13.07. (Details)
2010 Szücs, Nora, Toarniczky, Andrea. 2010. Multiple identifications during mergers and acquisitions in detail - Help for desperate managers in the merger and acquisitions' integration process. European Groups of Organization Studies, Lisbon, Portugal, 28.06-03.07. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2015 Szücs, Nora. 2015. Felkészülni a felkészülhetetlenre. Hungary:Üzlet és Pszichológia. (Details)
2014 Szücs, Nora. 2014. Expatriate Or: Leaving the Comfort Zone. WU Wien: Career Center. (Details)

Media report

2015 Szücs, Nora. 2015. Közeli. (Details)
2014 Szücs, Nora. 2014. Third culture kids. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2016 Szücs, Nora. 2016. Shall I stay or go?: The psychology of living abroad. Üzlet és pszichológia (Business & Psychology), 06.07. (Details)
2012 Szücs, Nora, Müller-Camen, Michael. 2012. Sustainability - what can it mean for me?. WU-Alumni News, 01.01. (Details)


Phenomenological study of male expatriates' experiences abroad (2018-2018) (Details)