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Anna Gunnthorsdottir

Assoz.Prof. Dr. Anna Gunnthorsdottir
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Visiting Professor, Vienna University of Economics and Business
since 2010
Associate, Human Behavior Laboratory, University of Iceland
since 2007
Visiting Associate Professor, Department of Economics, University of Iceland
since 2002
Senior Lecturer, Australian School of Business, Sydney
Lecturer of statistics, Eller College of Business, University of Arizona
Ph.D. University of Arizona (judgment and decision-making; micro-economics)

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Awards and Honors

Outstanding Author Contribution, Emerald Literati Network Awards for Excellence 20111



  • experimental econ


Organization scientific meeting (Conference etc.)
  2009 Australian School of Business International Research Workshop 2009 - Member of the organizing committee
  2008 Annual Meeting of APESA, Singapore - Member of the organizing committee
  2006 Inaugural Meeting of the Asia-Pacific Economic Science Association (APESA) Hong Kong - Member of the organizing committee


Journal article

2011 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna, vragov, roumen, shen, jianfe. 2011. Tacit coordination in contribution-based grouping with two endowment levels.. research in experimental economics 13 13-75. (Details)
2010 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna, McCabe, K., Seifert, S., Vragov, A. R.. 2010. Near-efficient equilibria in contribution-based competitive grouping. Journal of Public Economics 94 987-994. (Details)
2007 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna, Houser, A. D., McCabe, K.. 2007. Dispositions, history and contributions in public goods experiments. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization 62 304-315. (Details)
2006 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. 2006. A behavioral economist nominates the five books that can explain the games people play. The Australian Literary Review 1 (1): 1-10. (Details)
  Gunnthorsdottir, Anna, Rapoport, A.. 2006. Embedding social dilemmas in intergroup competition reduces free-riding. Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes 101 184-199. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2019 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. 2019. The role of culture in experimental economics. In: Research in Experimental Economics Vol. 20. , Hrsg. Gunnthorsdottir & Norton, 1-24. UK: Emerald. (Details)
2011 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. Forthcoming. Machiavellianism.. In: The New Palgrave Dictionary of Strategic Management, Hrsg. (Details)

Edited book (editorship)

2019 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna, norton, douglas, Hrsg. 2019. experimental economics and culture. UK: Emerald. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2010 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. 2010. Humans and robots: near-efficient equilibria when a mixed population is endogenously grouped. (Details)
2009 Gunnthorsdottir, Anna, McCabe , K., Seifert, S. , Vragov, R.. 2009. Near-efficient equilibria in collaborative meritocracies. (Details)
  Betz, R., Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. 2009. Risk aversion, permit price uncertainty, and investments in emissions reduction technologies. (Details)
2008 Betz, R., Gunnthorsdottir, Anna. 2008. An experimental study of investment decisions in carbon emission trading schemes: What determines efficiency?. (Details)


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