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Florian Szücs

Assoz.Prof. PD Florian Szücs Ph.D.
+43 1 31336 5089
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  • Empirical Industrial Economics
  • Mergers
  • Innovation
  • Competition Economics


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Journal article

2022 Szücs, Florian, Duso, Tomaso, Banal-Estanol, Albert, Seldeslachts, Jo. 2022. R&D spillovers through RJV cooperation. Research Policy (RP). (Details)
2021 Affeldt, Pauline, Duso, Tomaso, Szücs, Florian. 2021. 25 Years of European Merger Control. International Journal of Industrial Organization. 76 (10272) (Details)
2020 Szücs, Florian, Böckers, Veit, Duso, Tomaso. 2020. Abuse of dominance and antitrust enforcement in the German electricity market. Energy Economics. 92 (Details)
  Szücs, Florian. 2020. Do research subsidies crowd out private R&D of large firms? Evidence from European Framework Programmes. Research Policy (RP). 49 (3) (Details)
2019 Szücs, Florian, Duso, Tomaso, Seldeslachts, Jo. 2019. The Impact of Competition Policy Enforcement on the Functioning of EU Energy Markets. Energy Journal. 40 (5), 97-120. (Details)
2018 Szücs, Florian. 2018. Research subsidies, industry–university cooperation and innovation. Research Policy (RP). 47 (7), 1256-1266. (Details)
2017 Duso, Tomaso, Szücs, Florian. 2017. Market power and heterogeneous pass-through in German electricity retail. European Economic Review 98, 354-372. open access (Details)
2016 Gugler, Klaus, Szücs, Florian. 2016. Merger externalities in oligopolistic markets. International Journal of Industrial Organization 47, 230-254. open access (Details)
  Clougherty, Joe, Kim, Jin Uk, Skousen, Bradley , Szücs, Florian. 2016. The Foundations of International Business: Cross-Border Investment Activity and the Balance between Market-Power and Efficiency Effects. Journal of Management Studies (JMS) 54 (3), 340-365. open access (Details)
  Szücs, Florian. 2016. The Triggers and Clustering Properties of Merger Waves. Applied Economics 48 (56), 5485-5496. open access (Details)
2015 Feinberg, Robert and Husted, Thomas and Szücs, Florian. 2015. Does State Antitrust Enforcement Drive Establishment Exit? Journal of Competition Law and Economics 11 (1): S. 85-106. (Details)
2014 Clougherty, Joseph and Gugler, Klaus and Sørgard, Lars and Szücs, Florian. 2014. Cross-border mergers and domestic-firm wages: Integrating "spillover effects" and "bargaining effects" Journal of International Business Studies JIBS 45 (4): S. 450-470. open access (Details)
  Szücs, Florian. 2014. M&A and R&D: Asymmetric Effects on acquirers and targets? Research Policy (RP) 43 (7): S. 1264-1273. (Details)
2013 Duso, Tomaso , Gugler, Klaus, Szücs, Florian. 2013. An Empirical Assessment of the 2004 EU Merger Policy Reform. Economic Journal, 123, 596-619. open access (Details)
2012 Szücs, Florian. 2012. Investigating Transatlantic Merger Policy Convergence. International Journal of Industrial Organization 30 (6): S. 654-662. open access (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2013 Duso, Tomaso, Gugler, Klaus, Szücs, Florian. 2013. Merger Policy Evaluation: Where Do We Stand?. In: European Competition Law Annual: 2010, Merger Control in European and Global Perspective, Hrsg. Philip Lowe and Mel Marquis, 105-112. Oxford and Portland, Oregon: HART Publishing. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2013 Gugler, Klaus, Szücs, Florian. 2013. Spillover Effects in Oligopolistic Markets. Verein für Socialpolitik - Jahrestagung, Düsseldorf, Deutschland, 04.09.-07.09.. Invited Talk (Details)


The effects of carbon pricing and taxes on induced innovation (2020-2023) (Details)
Comparative Studies on the Efficiency of Merger Control (2011-2012) (Details)