Classification: 6620: History of literature


Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2017 Hechtl, Angelika, Fischer, Frank, Trilcke, Peer, Börner, Ingo. 2017. Cäsar Flaischlen’s “Graphische Litteratur-Tafel” - Digitizing A Giant Historical Flowchart Of Foreign Influences On German Literature. DH 2017, Montreal, Kanada, 11.08. (Details)
2014 Rocha Ochoa, Carlos. 2014. Oralidad y escritura en el Codex Regius. II Encuentro de Arqueología e Historia Nórdicas, Escuela Nacional de Antropología e Historia. Ciudad de México, Mexico, 06.10.-08.10. (Details)
2012 Rocha Ochoa, Carlos. 2012. The ontological search for Icelandic identity in Sigurður Nordal. Fifth Aarhus Student Symposium on Old Norse Subjects (accepted). Aarhus University, Denmark, 23.03. (Details)

Master thesis

2012 Rocha Ochoa, Carlos. 2012. The Implications of Knowledge Acquisition in Hávamál and Sigrdrífumál: A multidisciplinary approach to Eddic Wisdom Poetry. Masterarbeit, Reykjavik: University of Iceland. (Details)


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