Classification: 6603: American studies


Chapter in edited volume

2017 Beer, Alexander. 2017. From business letters to e-mail and mobile communication. In: Handbook of Business Communication, Hrsg. Gerlinde Mautner, Franz Rainer, 153-173. Boston/Berlin: De Gruyter Mouton. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2021 Beer, Alexander. 2021. Choose your words wisely. ABC Regional Conference, Vienna/Online, Austria, 27.08. (Details)
2017 Beer, Alexander. 2017. A Look at Local Adaptations of Movie Titles and Related Issues. ABC Annual Conference, Dun Leoghaire, Irland, 18.10-21.10. (Details)
2016 Beer, Alexander. 2016. This is a Mickey Mouse paper - is that a good or a bad thing? ABC EMEA Conference, Cape Town, South Africa, 06.01-08.01. (Details)
2014 Beer, Alexander. 2014. The Inevitability of Electronic Business Communication and the Resulting Demise of Proper Language -- Fact or Fiction? ABC SE Conference, Orlando, FL, United States/USA, 27.03 - 29.03. (Details)
2010 Beer, Alexander, Obenaus, Wolfgang, Kast, Judith. 2010. The woes and wonders of creating an international business dictionary. ABC Annual Conference, Chicago, IL, United States/USA, 27.10 - 30.10. (Details)
2006 Lick, Erhard. 2006. "Discursive Construction of Different Identities in Bilingual Canada: Advertising as a Means of Reproducing Identity". Southern Association of Canadian Studies. 2nd Biennial Meeting, Atlanta, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 05.10.-07.10.2006. (Details)

Lecture notes/article in lecture notes

2006 Copnall, Anthony, Fiebinger, Marjorie, Landsmann, Lauren, Ross, Christopher. 2006. Fremdsprachliche Wirtschaftskommunikation - Englisch I / EBC 1. Wien: Management Book Service. (Details)


The impact of electronic mail on business processes and the relevance of proper English in this context (1997-2002) (Details)
  • Anderson, Christopher (Former researcher)
  • Beer, Alexander (Details)
  • Clayson-Knollmayr, Beate (Former researcher)
  • Fiebinger, Marjorie (Former researcher)
  • Gasser, Werner (Former researcher)
  • Krieger, Wernfried (Former researcher)
  • Landsmann, Lauren (Details)
  • Lick, Erhard (Former researcher)
  • Obenaus, Wolfgang (Details)
  • Pichler, Robert (Former researcher)
  • Raab, Michael (Details)
  • Ubelhoer, Kurt Anton (Details)
  • Weidacher, Josef (Former researcher)
  • Wolfartsberger, Anita (Former researcher)