Classification: 5948: Actions research


Research report, expert opinion

2012 Ravn, Johan E., Hasle, Peter, Kirov, Vassil, Markova, Ekaterina, Van Peteghem, Jan, Peycheva, Darina, Ramioul, Monique, Sardadvar, Karin, Sørensen, Ole H., Torvatn, Hans, Øyum, Lisbeth. 2012. Engaging stakeholders in developing working conditions. Summary report on action research and policy lessons. Deliverable 9.15, 'Summary report on action research and policy lessons' for Workpackage 9 of the walqing project, SSH-CT-2009-244597. Trondheim: SINTEF. (Details)


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  • Wächter, Petra (Former researcher)