Classification: 5805: Educational planning


Journal article

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Chapter in edited volume

2016 Skala, Franz-Karl. 2016. Perspektiven kaufmännischer und wirtschaftsberuflicher Schulen vor dem Hintergrund rückläufiger Schüler/innenzahlen. In: Facetten der Entrepreneurship Education, Hrsg. Bettina Greimel-Fuhrmann/Richard Fotmüller, S. 351-360. Wien: Manz Verlag Schulbuch. (Details)
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Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2008 Hanappi-Egger, Edeltraud. 2008. Strategies and Policies Maximizing the Participation of Young Women in Science, Engineering and Technology. IFAC Workshop, Wien, Österreich, 17.1.-18.1.. (Details)

Working/discussion paper, preprint

2011 Barakat, Bilal. 2011. Time is Money: Could Deferred Graduate Retirement Finance Higher Education?. Vienna Institute of Demography (VID) Working Paper 05/11. (Details)


Information for a Choice: Empowering Young Women Through Learning for Technical Professions and Science Careers (2006-2008) (Details)
Evaluation of the special field of business administration organization and supply management (2001-2002) (Details)
Management of education (2000-2002) (Details)
Evaluation of the vocational training of a large Austrian job market consultant (1999-2000) (Details)
Environmental studies at Viennese universities (1998-1999) (Details)
New developments of social work education (1997-1998) (Details)
  • Barakat, Bilal (Former researcher)