Classification: 5343: Economic theory


Journal article

2018 Commendatore, Pasquale, Kubin, Ingrid, Sushko, Iryna. 2018. Dynamics of a developing economy with a remote region: Agglomeration, trade integration and trade patterns. Communications in Nonlinear Science and Numerical Simulation. 58, 303-327. (Details)
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Chapter in edited volume

2018 Eliana, Baici, Zagler, Martin. 2018. A Brief History of Italian Prosperity. In: Essays in honor of Luigi Campiglio, Hrsg. Baussola, M., Bellavite, C. and Vivarelli, M. 245-266. Milan: Vita e Pensiero. (Details)
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Edited book (editorship)

2015 Klausinger, Hansjörg, Hrsg. 2015. Geld und Konjunktur. Band 1: Frühe und unveröffentlichte Schriften, 1924-1931. (Friedrich A. von Hayek: Gesammelte Schriften in deutscher Sprache, Abteilung A: Aufsätze, Band 8). Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck. (Details)

Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2018 Kubin, Ingrid. 2018. Non-linear Dynamics in Economics and Finance. Università Politechnica delle Marche, Workshop “Non-linear Dynamics in Economics and Finance”, Ancona, Italien, 08.06. (Details)
  Zagler, Martin. 2018. On the relevance of double tax treaties. Public Choice Society Annual Conference, Charleston, United States/USA, 30.02.-01.03. (Details)
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  Kubin, Ingrid. 2018. The impact of Brexit on trade patterns and industry location: a NEG analysis . University of Nottingham, Departmental Seminar, Nottingham, Großbritannien, 25.04. (Details)
  Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2018. The Nationalökonomische Gesellschaft From Its Foundation to the Postwar Period: Prosperity and Depression. Jahrestagung der Nationalökonomischen Gesellschaft, Wien, Österreich, 11.05. Invited Talk (Details)
  Kubin, Ingrid. 2018. The New Economic Geography of the Brexit. The Economy as a Spatial Complex System; Università degli Studi Federico II, Naples, Italien, 22.06. (Details)
2017 Zagler, Martin. 2017. Foreign Direct Investment and Corporate Income Taxation under Legal Uncertainty. Austrian Economic Association (NOeG) Annual Conference, Linz, Austria, 26.05.-27.05. (Details)
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2015 Zagler, Martin. 2015. Fiscal Policy and Economic Growth. Macroeconomics and Fiscal Management Global Practice Inaugural Forum, The World Bank, Washington, D.C. United States/USA, 07.05. Invited Talk (Details)
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2012 Kubin, Ingrid. 2012. Expectations and industry location: a discrete time analysis. 12th Viennese Workshop: Optimal Control, Dynamic Games and Nonlinear Dynamics, Wien, Österreich, 30.05. - 2.06. (Details)
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Working/discussion paper, preprint

2018 Rabitsch-Schilcher, Katrin, Lukmanova, Elizaveta. 2018. New VAR evidence on monetary transmission channels: temporary interest rate versus inflation target shocks. WU Economics Working Paper # 274. open access (Details)
  Petkova, Kunka, Stasio, Andrzej, Zagler, Martin. 2018. On the relevance of double tax treaties in the presence of treaty shopping. WU International Taxation Research Paper Series No. 2018-05. open access (Details)
2017 Glötzl, Florentin, Rezai, Armon. Forthcoming. Appendix to "A Sectoral Net Lending Perspective on Europe" open access (Details)
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2016 Glötzl, Florentin and Rezai, Armon. 2016. A Sectoral Net Lending Perspective on Europe. open access (Details)
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2015 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2015. Die Volkswirtschaftslehre an der Hochschule für Welthandel, 1918-1973. Department of Economics Working Papers 202. (Details)
  Glötzl, Florentin, Aigner, Ernest. 2015. Pluralism in the Market of Science? A citation network analysis of economic research at Universities in Vienna. open access (Details)

Book or article review

2017 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2017. Besprechung von The Viennese Students of Civilization: The meaning and context of Austrian Economics reconsidered, von Erwin Dekker. History of Political Economy 49 (4), 743-746. (Details)


2012 Klausinger, Hansjörg, Übersetzer. 2012. Investigations into Monetary Theory. Klausinger, Hansjörg, Hrsg. 2012. Business Cycles, Part II. The Collected Works of F. A. Hayek, vol. 8. Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 45-135. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2017 Kubin, Ingrid, Rosner, Peter. 2017. Ist es besser, arme Länder arm sein zu lassen? Der Standard, 15.02. (Details)
2016 Kubin, Ingrid. 2016. Grenzenloser Wohlstand? Wiener Zeitung, 02.06. (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2019 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2019. The Importance of Hayek's Discoveries for the 21st Century. CEQLS Lecture, Bratislava, 24.06.19 (Details)
2018 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2018. Friedrich A. von Hayeks Wiener Zeit. Workshop, Austrian Institute of Economics and Social Philosophy, Wien, 09.04.18 (Details)
2016 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2016. Hayek über Deflation und Depression. Vortrag im Walter Eucken Institut, Freiburg im Breisgau, 08.06. (Details)
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  Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2016. Die Steuerung der Wirtschaft und das widerspenstige Individuum. Tiefenbohrungen: Wirtschaft anders denken: Hayek! Über Freiheit und Steuerung, Wien, 14.03. (Details)
2015 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2015. Hayek's Insights into the Division of Knowledge: Some Remarks. European Students for Liberty Conference, Wien, 14.11. (Details)
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2016 Klausinger, Hansjörg. 2016. o. Prof. Dr. Dr. Richard Kerschagl. Gedenkbuch für die Opfer des Nationalsozialismus an der Hochschule für Welthandel 1938-1945. (Details)


Netzwerke, Paradigmen, Attitüden - Der deutsche Sonderweg im Fokus (2016-2018) (Details)
F.A. Hayek's Writings on the Business Cycle. (2006-2012) (Details)
The 2004 EU intergovernmental conference and the constitutional debate in Europe (2002-2003) (Details)
  • Glötzl, Florentin (Former researcher)
  • Hölzl, Werner (Former researcher)
  • Klausinger, Hansjörg (Details)
  • Kubin, Ingrid (Details)
  • Mahlberg, Bernhard (Details)
  • Mühlmann, Richard (Former researcher)
  • Özkes, Ali (Details)
  • Rabitsch-Schilcher, Katrin (Details)
  • Reinstaller, Andreas (Former researcher)
  • Zagler, Martin (Details)
  • Zierhut, Michael (Former researcher)