Classification: (outdated) 3500: Clinical medicine (except surgery and psychiatry)


Journal article

2008 Adlbrecht, Christopher , Kommata, Spyridoula , Hülsmann, Martin, Szekeres, Thomas , Bieglmayer, Christian , Strunk, Guido, Karanikas, Georgios , Berger, Rudolf , Mörtl, Deddo , Kletter, Kurt , Maurer, Gerald , Lang, Irene M. , Pacher, Richard . 2008. Chronic heart failure leads to an expanded plasma volume and pseudoanaemia, but does not lead to a reduction in the body’s red cell volume. European Heart Journal 29 (19): 2343-2350. (Details)
  Hülsmann, Martin, Neuhold, Stephanie, Strunk, Guido, Moertl, Deddo, Berger, Rudolf, Prager, Rudolf, Abrahamian, Heidemarie, Riedl, Michaela, Pacher, Richard, Luger, Anton, Clodi, Martin. 2008. NT-proBNP has a high negative predictive value to rule-out short-term cardiovascular events in patients with diabetes mellitus. European Heart Journal 29 (18): 2259-2264. (Details)


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