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Journal article

2019 Valentino, Alfredo , Schmitt, Jan, Koch, Benno , Nell, Phillip C. 2019. Leaving home: An institutional perspective on intermediary HQ relocations. Journal of World Business. 54 (4), 273-284. open access (Details)
2018 Beugelsdijk, Sjoerd, Ambos, Björn, Nell, Phillip C. 2018. Conceptualizing and Measuring Distance in International Business Research: Recurring Questions and Best Practice Guidelines. Journal of International Business Studies JIBS. 49 (9), 1113-1137. open access (Details)
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2016 Kostova, Tatiana, Nell, Phillip C., Hoenen, Anne Kristin. 2016. Understanding Agency Problems in Headquarters-Subsidiary Relationships in Multinational Corporations: A contextualized Model. Journal of Management (JOM) , open access (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

2015 Kaiser, Alexander, Grisold, Thomas. 2015. Wissen für Nachhaltigkeit. In: Rethink Economy, Hrsg. Fred Luks, 155-165. München: Ökom Verlag. (Details)
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Contribution to conference proceedings

2015 Kaiser, Alexander, Kragulj, Florian. 2015. Building Intellectual Capital by Generative Listening and Learning from the Future. In Proceedings of the ECIC-2015 (7th European Conference on Intellectual Capital), Hrsg. Juan Gabriel Cegarra Navarro, 165-172. Reading: Academic Conferences and Publishing International Limited. (Details)
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Paper presented at an academic conference or symposium

2019 Decreton, Benoit, Tippmann, Esther, Nell, Phillip C., Parker, Andrew. 2019. The Involvement of Senior Management in Decentralized Problem-Solving Activities. AIB 2019 Conference, Copenhagen, Dänemark, 24.06.-27.06. (Details)
  Klopf, Patricia, Gerstbauer, Anita, Nell, Phillip C. 2019. Trump’s Twitter Fury, Foreign Firms, and Corporate Political Activity: How Do Stock Markets React? AIB 2019 Conference, Copenhagen, Dänemark, 24.06.-27.06. (Details)
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2014 Kaiser, Alexander. 2014. Bewextra - An Abductive Framework for the Creation of Need Knowledge in Organizations. HICSS-47; Forty-Seventh Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Waikoloa, Vereinigte Staaten/USA, 06.01.-10.01. (Details)
2011 Alber, Sebastian. 2011. Basic topics of industrial engineering. Workshop for indian delegation, WU, Wien, Österreich, April 2011. (Details)
2010 Alber, Sebastian. 2010. Integrated product-process model for decision support in the environmental management. Workshop for chinese delegation, Vienna, China, January 2010. (Details)

Research report, expert opinion

2018 Nell, Phillip C., Schmitt, Jan. 2018. Geographic Relocations of Headquarters to and from Austria. Wien:Institut für International Business. open access (Details)
2011 Alber, Sebastian. 2011. Grundlagen einer energetischen Hausmodellierung. Wien: ITNP. (Details)

Teaching materials

2014 Nell, Phillip C. 2014. Data Management and Analysis - Collection of Exercises. (Details)

Case study

2017 Nell, Phillip C., Ruckensteiner, Nicoleta, Kvapil, Kerstin. 2017. BauMax expansion into the emerging markets of Central and Eastern Europe. The Case Center UK. (Details)
  Kratochvil, Renate, Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Pfizer and the Challenges of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 2017 - A. The Case Center UK. (Details)
  Kratochvil, Renate, Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Pfizer and the Challenges of the Global Pharmaceutical Industry 2017 - B. The Case Center UK. (Details)

eBook/chapter in eBook

2017 Nell, Phillip C., Schildt, Henri, Minbaeva, Dana. 2017. Big Data & Analytics eLearning platform. Web-based eLearning platform. None. (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Data Management & Analysis. WU Wien, Prof. Phillip Nell. Wien: None. (Details)


2013 Nell, Phillip C. 2013. Parenting advantage in the MNC. Research Video. (Details)

Magazine/newspaper article

2018 Klopf, Patricia, Nell, Phillip C., Leitner, Johannes. 2018. Opinie Patricia Klopf, prof dr. Philip Nell şi dr. Johannes Leitner: ”Este politică, prostule!“ sau de ce companiile private ar trebui să înveţe management politic. Business Magazin , 18.04.18 (Details)
2017 Nell, Phillip C., Rabbiosi, Larissa. 2017. Too Much Focus on Point Estimates: A Severe Trap in HC Analytics. Human Capital Analytics Group at CBS, 01.08.17 (Details)

Unpublished lecture

2018 Nell, Phillip C. 2018. Alle Länder dieser Welt in einem Einkaufskorb. Was ist Globalisierung eigentlich? Kinderuniversität Wien, Wien, 11.07.18 (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2018. How global are we? ZAS International Exchange Lounge, The international office of WU Wien, WU Wien, 09.05.18 (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2018. HR and firm performance: Why you should invest heavily into your employees’ competences. Ziarul Financiar HR Conference, Key Note speech, Bucharest, 24.03.18 (Details)
2017 Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Agilität, Effizienz und neue Unsicherheiten: Unternehmenszentralen erfolgreich gestalten. CEE Cercle Event, WU Wien, 30.10.17 (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Trump, Brexit & Co. - Das Ende der Globalisierung und die Folgen für die Unternehmenswelt. WU Matters. WU Talks. Public Lecture, WU Wien, 23.05.17 (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Iran – Chancen & Risiken nach den Sanktionen. Emerging Markets Talk, WU Wien, 30.03.17 (Details)
2016 Nell, Phillip C. 2016. Core Competences as Core Rigidities - Evaluating the wave of corporate-startup collaborations. Invited speech for Beiersdorf, Austria, 23.06. (Details)
2013 Nell, Phillip C. 2013. Distance and the Value Added by MNC Headquarters. Research seminar, WU Wien, 15.10.13 (Details)


2018 Nell, Phillip C., Schmitt, Jan, Paternoster, Irene. 2018. Der Einfluss der Digitalisierung auf Unternehmenszentralen. LinkedIn Blog-Beitrag. (Details)
  Cerar, Jelena, Nell, Phillip C., Schuh, Arnold. 2018. EU-China FDI: Imbalances challenge bilateral investment relations. (Details)
  Cerar, Jelena, Nell, Phillip C., Schuh, Arnold. 2018. EU-China mercandise trade: The huge deficit as a cause for concern. (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2018. FAKE NEWS! Why firms have a big fake news problem themselves and what to do about it. LinkedIn Blog Beitrag. (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2018. Key management theories ... and what they have to say with regards to contemporary headquarters structures. LinkedIn Blog Beitrag. (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2018. Moderne Unternehmenszentralen verstehen. LinkedIn Blog Beitrag. (Details)
  Nell, Phillip C. 2018. The end? How should firms deal with affiliates in crisis-ridden countries? LinkedIn Blog Beitrag. (Details)
2017 Nell, Phillip C. 2017. Global internet business models vs. African reality. LinkedIn Blog-Beitrag. (Details)
2016 Nell, Phillip C. 2016. Management von Tochtergesellschaften: Wenn der Homo Oeconomicus nur ein Sonderfall ist. LinkedIn Blog Beitrag. (Details)


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