Classification: 1931: Nature conservation (- research)


Journal article

2019 Gill, David A., Cheng, Samantha H., Glew, Louise, Aigner, Ernest, Bennett, Nathan J., Mascia, Michael B. 2019. Social Synergies, Tradeoffs, and Equity in Marine Conservation Impacts. Annual Review of Environment and Resources. 44 347-372. (Details)

Chapter in edited volume

1995 Blühdorn, Ingolfur. 1995. Campaigning for Nature: Environmental Pressure Groups in Germany and Generational change in the Ecology Movement. In: The Green Agenda. Environmental Politics and Policy in Germany, Hrsg. Blühdorn, I./Krause, F./Scharf, T, S. 167-220. Keele: Keele University Press. (Details)


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