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FIDES - the Research-Information-Documentation-Evaluation-System of Vienna University of economics and business

FIDES includes 71277 publications and provides data on 2030 currently active WU researchers working in 145 academic units.

Recent publication entries

Damian, Camilla, Eksi-Altay, Zehra, Frey, Rüdiger. 2018. EM algorithm for Markov chains observed via Gaussian noise and point process information: Theory and case studies. Statistics & Risk Modeling 35 (1-2), 51-72.  (Details)

Stadler, Konstantin, Wood, Richard, Bulavskaya, Tatyana, Södersten, Carl-Johan, Simas, Moana, Schmidt, Sarah, Kunen, Jeroen, Bruckner, Martin, Giljum, Stefan, Lutter, Franz Stephan, Acosta-Fernández, José, Merciai, Stefan, Schmidt, Jannick H., Theurl, Michaela C., Plutzar, Christoph, Eisenmenger, Nina, Erb, Karl-Heinz, de Koning, Arjan, Tukker, Arnold. 2018. EXIOBASE 3: Developing a Time Series of Detailed Environmentally Extended Multi-Regional Input-Output Tables. Journal of Industrial Ecology ,  (Details)

Cincera, Jan, Biberhofer, Petra, Binka, Bohuslav, Boman, Johan, Mindt, Lisa, Rieckmann, Marco. 2018. Designing a sustainability-driven entrepreneurship curriculum as a social learning process: A case study from an international knowledge alliance project. Journal of Cleaner Production ,  (Details)

Berger, Ulrich. 2018. Co-action equilibrium fails to predict choices in mixed-strategy settings. Scientific Reports 8 (751), 1-5.  (Details)

Kirrane, Sabrina, Villata, Serena, d’Aquin, Mathieu. 2018. Privacy, Security and Policies: A review of Problems and Solutions with Semantic Web Technologies. Semantic Web 9 (2),  (Details)


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