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FIDES - the Research-Information-Documentation-Evaluation-System of Vienna University of economics and business

FIDES includes 73002 publications and provides data on 1929 currently active WU researchers working in 145 academic units.

Recent publication entries

Hautsch, Nikolaus, Voigt, Stefan. 2019. Large-Scale Portfolio Allocation Under Transaction Costs and Model Uncertainty. Journal of Econometrics, ,  (Details) open access

Lutz, Wolfgang, Kebede, Endale Birhanu. 2018. Education and Health: Redrawing the Preston Curve. Population and Development Review, 44 (2),  (Details) open access

Eszler, Erwin, Holzer, Irene. 2018. Zur zukünftigen Entwicklung von Finanztechnologie-Unternehmen (FinTechs) in der österreichischen Versicherungswirtschaft - Quantitative Einschätzungen von InsurTechs durch 264 Personen aus der Branche. risControl, 39 (07), 16-19.  (Details)

KC, Samir, Wurzer, Marcus, Speringer, Markus , Lutz, Wolfgang. 2018. Future Population and Human Capital in Heterogeneous India. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS), ,  (Details) open access

Pillichshammer, Thomas, Auer, Desiree. 2018. Die Abzugsfähigkeit von Verteidigerkosten. Zeitschrift für Wirtschafts- und Finanzstrafrecht (ZWF), , 155  (Details)


Additional to the publication entry in FIDES you can upload the fulltext via API to the Institutional Repository ePubWU for the purpose of open access.

Your entered information (meta-data) will be transfered to the repository and activated after a formal control.


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