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FIDES - the Research-Information-Documentation-Evaluation-System of Vienna University of economics and business

FIDES includes 66724 publications and provides data on 2045 currently active WU researchers working in 165 academic units.

Recent publication entries

Stahl, Günter, Miska, Christof, Lee, Hyun-Jung, Sully de Luque, Mary. 2017. The upside of cultural differences: Towards a more balanced treatment of culture in cross-cultural management research. Cross Cultural & Strategic Management 24 (1), 2-12.  (Details)

Biberhofer, Petra, Rammel, Christian. 2017. Transdisciplinary learning and teaching as answers to urban sustainability challenges. International Journal of Sustainability in Higher Education 18 (1), 63-83.  (Details)

Crespo Cuaresma, Jesus, Danylo, Olha, Fritz, Steffen, McCallum, Ian, Obersteiner, Michael, See, Linda, Walsh, Brian. 2017. Economic Development and Forest Cover: Evidence from Satellite Data. Scientific Reports 7, 40678 -40678 .  (Details)

Pfaff, Katharina Gabriela, Gutmann, Jerg , Voigt, Stefan. 2017. Banking crises and human rights. Applied Economics Letters , 1-4.  (Details)

Keating, Adriana, Campbell, Karen, Mechler, Reinhard, Magnuszweski, Piotr, Mochizuki, Junko, Liu, Wei, Szoenyi, Michael, McQuistan, Colin. 2017. Disaster resilience: What it is and how it can engender a meaningful change in development policy. Development Policy Review 35 (1), 65-91.  (Details)


Additional to the publication entry in FIDES you can upload the fulltext via API to the Institutional Repository ePubWU for the purpose of open access.

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