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FIDES includes 81739 publications and provides data on 2155 currently active WU researchers working in 153 academic units.

Recent publication entries

Mendling, Jan, Berente, Nicholas, Seidel, Stefan, Grisold, Thomas. 2021. Pluralism and Pragmatism in the Information Systems Field: The Case of Research on Business Processes and Organizational Routines. ACM SIGMIS Database. 52 (2) (Details)

Brüggen, Alexander, Grabner, Isabella, Sedatole, Karen. 2021. The Folly of Forecasting: The Effects of a Disaggregated Demand Forecasting System on Forecast Error, Forecast Positive Bias, and Inventory Levels. Accounting Review. (Details)

Braumann, Evelyn C., Grabner, Isabella, Posch, Arthur. 2021. Tone from the top in risk management: A complementarity perspective on how control systems influence risk awareness. Accounting, Organizations and Society. (Details)

Screpante, Mirna Solange, Henninger, Florian. 2020. Challenges Ahead for the Financial Services Sector on Technological and Regulatory Change. Transfer Pricing International (TPI). 2 59-63. (Details)

Screpante, Mirna Solange. 2020. The Arm’s Length Principle Evolves Towards a ‘Value Creation Functional (i.e. DEMPE) Formula Standard’: A Barrier or a Gateway to Locational Business Planning? Intertax. 48 (10), 1-19. (Details)


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